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C.A.R.E. (2)

Milwaukee Needs Us to Listen {C.A.R.E.}

This is the first in a new series here at MKE Moms Blog entitled C.A.R.E. We want to initiate conversations about racial equality (CARE) and to call people into the discussion around social justice in our Milwaukee community and beyond. By having these conversations, even if they are uncomfortable at times, we hope to challenge ourselves and […]

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tiny moms.

Tiny Moms Raising Tall Sons

When my 9-year-old son wants a hug from me in front of his class, I’m so humbled and grateful until he burrows his head into my bosom. Yeah….I must have missed that chapter in What to Expect When You’re Expecting a 2-Foot-Tall Newborn. Now, nine years later, that 24″ long newborn wears a men’s size 8.5 shoe.  […]

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Raising Tolerable Teens

When my children were little and I would meet someone who had pleasant, look-me-in-the-eye and shake my hand kind of teenagers, I took note. Being a former teacher, I have seen it all. So, when I had my own kids I wanted to know how to avoid raising eye-rolling, too-cool, disrespectful teens who despised me. […]

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4 Tips to Prepare

4 Tips to Prepare for 4K

I woke up early the other morning (on purpose) just to sneak into my daughter’s room to watch her sleep. I swear, as I stood there, I could see her growing. Growing into a little person with big dreams and wild ideas; it makes my heart so full. Soon she will be heading off to […]

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More than Just Food

I love good quality food. I love food direct from the source, cultivated by local growers and sold at farmer’s markets. I love food that’s organic, free of GMOS, pesticides, dyes, and the list goes on. I think it is incredibly important to know what’s in our food and what we are putting in our […]

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My Kid is Not an

My Kid is Not an Adult

I realized I was treating my 6-year-old like an adult. I was annoyed at the behaviors I was seeing in her and I wondered why she couldn’t “just do what I say.” It seems so simple, but when it finally hit me that she’s a kid and not a staff member or fellow volunteer, it was a […]

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