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Civic Duty

A Lesson In Civics for Moms and Kids

Anything new in the political landscape? No, just another presidential year with no big stories, you say? Cool. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The most recent election sent us all spinning and wanting to do something. Either your candidate won and you are excited to see what the next four years […]

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A Milwaukee Moms Guide to the Month of December 2016

If you are looking for a guide to keep you and your family entertained, look no further! We’ve started a monthly events guide to be sure you don’t miss a thing happening around Milwaukee. You can also join our MkeMB Neighborhood Groups to find additional planned events coordinated by our amazing Mombassadors! The MKE Moms […]

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Meet Andréa

I am a career-loving Christian, wife, and mother. As a little girl I never had thoughts or dreams about my wedding or being a mother. I just figured if it were meant to be, it would happen. And as God would have it, it was meant to be. I’ve been married to my lovely husband […]

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A Journal of Novembers

November is a bittersweet month for me. It is the month that I started my mother’s journal and seems to be a month when trouble comes calling. I am wearing a johnny. A hospital gown.   It doesn’t open in the back as usual, mine opens to the front and I have my pants and shoes […]

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Milwaukee Area Sledding Hills

Waking up on a snowy morning gives me all the feels. I spend the quiet moments with my hands wrapped around a mug of peppermint tea watching the snow silently make the world sparkle. And then, my four year old comes blaring down the stairs, “IT SNNNOOOWED! Let’s go sledding Mom!” End the quiet moments, […]

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