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Owner and Co-Founder

Sarah is a full-time working mommy who is addicted to trying to always add “one more thing.” She grew up in Waupun, WI (don’t worry, not INSIDE the prison) before attending college at UW-Madison, getting married and becoming an English teacher. After the arrival of her third son, she left the classroom to become a stay-at-home mom and that’s when the real hard work began! Since relocating to the Milwaukee area in 2012, Sarah has gone back to work over and over, in a variety of fields. At home her three sons keep her perpetually doing laundry and wondering how there can be so many shoes and so much dirt. In the free time she steals, she loves reading a good book, enjoying a craft beer, and cheering on her beloved Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers.



Jackie moved to Jackson, Wisconsin four years ago. She was widowed soon after relocating, becoming a “solo” parent to Ethan (10) and Lauren (5). Since living here, Jackie changed careers, re-entered the dating world after a 20-year hiatus, and kicked breast cancer to the curb. Jackie is addicted to social media, caffeine, pop culture, and vacuum cleaners. She enjoys trying new recipes, organizing with cute containers and her trusty label maker, and getting lost in the weirdness of the Internet. She has maintained a personal blog on-and-off for 10 years and considers writing a form of therapy. When she’s not doing laundry or chauffeuring kiddos, she teaches advertising and public relations at UW-Milwaukee. Jackie also just joined a gym. Hoping to rebuild her stamina after cancer, she spends most of her time trying to figure out how to use the equipment without looking silly.



Andréa is a career loving wife and mom, Christian, marathoner, and fitness instructor who is continually challenging herself and choosing her battles wisely. She has been married to her husband since 2007 and they have two beautiful children (both born in October). Born in Chicago, Andréa’s mom moved her and her family to Milwaukee after separating and ultimately divorcing her husband. After living in Milwaukee for a decade, they moved to Waukesha where Andréa currently resides. She has her MBA and currently works as a finance manager for an advertising agency downtown Milwaukee. When she is not engaging in the activities listed above she can be found shopping and hanging out with her girlfriends and discussing politics and religion.



Lauren is a new mama and even newer Milwaukee resident. Having lived in Chicago and Minneapolis before Milwaukee, Lauren considers herself a “Midwest Urbanite.” She always dreamed of raising her kids in the concrete jungle and believes in loving thy neighbor and thy neighborhood as thyself. She loves all things local and discovering a city on foot. Lauren recently graduated with her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Minnesota where she studied how health programs, legislation, and healthcare access impact communities. She and her husband, Patrick, were thrilled to welcome their son, Jack in June 2015.  You will find Lauren around the city–Jack in tow–exploring the mom scene, working on projects with community organizations, and window-shopping at Whole Foods…all to the sounds of Bon Iver. She looks forward to sharing her family’s new adventures with MkeMB!



Jaclynn knows a good thing when she sees it, that’s why she and her husband, Dave, decided to raise their son in Brookfield, the same Milwaukee suburb where they grew up.  After earning her English degree from UW-Madison, Jaclynn attended Marquette University Law School and worked for several years at a small Milwaukee firm practicing estate planning and elder law. When her son was born last March, she followed her heart and became a SAHM.  She gets major satisfaction creating and crossing things off checklists, finding treasures at Goodwill and attending story time with her son. Jaclynn would be lost without dessert, local breweries, books, barre classes, and the moms who have helped her navigate the labyrinth that is ‘momming’.



Fun fact about this Milwaukee mama — she never backs down from a dare. She moved to Guam when a man she met on vacation dared her to, only to wind up marrying him. Following her years as a Navy Wife, Dolores and her family moved to Milwaukee, completed her Masters degree and settled in to life as a family of five. Dolores is a first-generation Croatian, raising her three littles (ages 6, 4, and 2) in the kind of all-American life she never expected. She works as an English professor, raises chickens and is working on writing and publishing her second novel. 



A native of Southern California, Abby moved to Wisconsin in 2002 to attend college. Although she has lived in Milwaukee for almost half of her life, she isn’t quite ready to call it home quite yet. Abby married her wife Beth twice; first in 2006 and then again when marriage equality passed in 2013. Truth be told, she tries to celebrate both anniversaries to have twice the presents and cake. Together, Beth and Abby have three boys (ages 12, 7 and 6) who have an incredible amount of energy and an uncanny ability to destroy anything nice within moments. Abby is a step, foster and adoptive mom as each of the boys came into her life in a different way. Abby works fulltime in public health where she mixes working from home and traveling nationally. Abby earned her bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology and a master’s degree in Counseling. You can usually find Abby repairing whatever damage her children have done, sitting an airport waiting for a delayed plane or knitting on the couch.


Tara is a Wisconsin native who recently moved from the city life, in Bay View, to Muskego where her and her family built a new home. She lives with a house full of boys, including her husband, Adam, of almost 10 years, 6 year old Beckett, and 1 year old Ellis. She also runs a small greeting card and design company – Cracked Designs (which is like her third child.) She enjoys the challenge of balancing motherhood and full time small business ownership. With her passion for art and design, she loves introducing her children to explore the world of art, and vows that her kids will know how to use a film camera! (As she was a photography major in college) You can usually find Tara listening to indie music, eating cheese, drinking too much coffee, obsessively decorating her new home, and enjoying a local beer. 



Maggie is a life-long Milwaukeean who only left to go to college in South Carolina. She currently resides in Shorewood, where she loves to walk to local restaurants with her husband and make messes in the kitchen with her daughters. She has an affinity for Chinese food so her girls are nicknamed “Eggroll” and “Crab Rangoon” accordingly. When asked what she misses most about the pre-baby days, she would tell you Sunday afternoons with nothing better to do than read a good book cover-to-cover or watching whatever was on TBS. Now the weekends are spent entertaining toddlers, doing laundry, and making dinner. Again. Why do they always need to eat?!  Maggie helps other mamas and superwomen feed their loved ones and their own hearts at The Real Good Life.



Kristen is currently a SAHM who is addicted to strong coffee, knitting, and Netflix. She and her family are new residents of Milwaukee and have been living in the North Shore area since January 2016. She and her husband, Sam, married in 2009 and they consider themselves foodies. She was introduced to Milwaukee when she and her husband visited friends in April 2014. They made their way through the different neighborhoods by eating at some of Milwaukee’s most popular restaurants. She was amazed at how beautiful the city and the people were and instantly knew that moving to MKE was the next adventure. Kristen is originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina (the official home to Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Texas Pete hot sauce) and she doesn’t understand how people drink ice tea without the “sweet”. She has a BA in Psychology and a MA in Counseling but has put her career on hold to help with her family’s transition to a new city. Kristen has two boys, Xander (5) and Silas (4 months).



Heather married her best friend seven years ago, and has lived something of a nomadic lifestyle ever since. Schooling, family, disaster relief work, and a sense of adventure have moved them thirteen times (via 5 states) in 7 years. Regardless of her immediate location, Heather has always considered Milwaukee home. With four kids under the age of 4 (including twin girls born on Christmas Day!), they decided it was time to plant roots. Coming back to Milwaukee and purchasing their first home has been the adventure of a lifetime, and they are thrilled to be home. When she’s not chasing around her growing brood or sweeping up cheerios, Heather can be found experimenting with recipes, failing at the Pinterest life, or finding new outlets for her singing and theatrical passions.



Alyson was born & raised in a tiny mountain town in Southern California. In 2003 she married her husband Matt and together they have 2 amazing children, Brookelyn and Cohen. After years of living in the desert together, they uprooted their family in 2012 to fulfill their family dream of living in Wisconsin. They’ve been in the Milwaukee area now for 2.5 years and have never looked back. Alyson is a former hairstylist, turned stay at home mom. She loves to read, decorate, plan parties, craft, listen to music and spend time exploring Wisconsin with her family. You’ll find posts about everything from family, hair, and fashion to home decor, cooking and crafting at her personal blog



Megan is a Milwaukee native and currently lives in East Tosa with her husband, Matt, two-year-old son, Callum, and two adorable pups, Jax and George. She loves being active, especially running, and is passionate about encouraging an active lifestyle in her family. She will never turn down a cup of coffee or a piece of birthday cake. Her interests also include photography, cooking, writing, rummage sales, and cheering on the Brewers. During her free time, she will most likely be found binging on a Netflix series, hanging out with friends, or volunteering with a local dog rescue, Tailwaggers 911. You can find her blogging over at Expecting the Unexpected.



Although Alexa loves the ocean, she is a Midwestern girl at heart. After dragging her now husband, across the country to live on the beach in South Carolina, she quickly realized there is no place like “home”. Shortly after becoming engaged, the couple moved back to WI to “settle down” surrounded by family. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she currently resides in Wauwatosa with her husband Nate, their son Henlee, and kitty Boo. Alexa is somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. Before becoming a mom, she could be found skydiving, cruising around on a motorcycle, or practicing her aim at the shooting range. As a stay-at-home Mom, her days now revolve around cuddles, play time, diaper changes, feedings, walks, and sneaking in some Netflix during nap time. She enjoys lifting weights with her husband, Pinterest crafts, making lists, and finding a great deal! Alexa has always had a passion for helping others and since becoming a mom has realized how important it is to be surrounded by a strong community of moms to encourage and support one another.



Emily is a writer and corporate educator in the healthcare industry. She was born and raised on the Southeast side of Milwaukee before moving to the Twin Cities and Chicago for school and work. Emily and her husband circled back six years ago to start their local videography business and now live on the Southside with their daughter, Anya (3), and the family dog, Schatzi. Whether writing or reading at home, hosting a party, or out with friends, Emily is equally energized by a social scene and time spent in solitude. She’s heartfelt and spontaneous in nature but also extremely intentional, organized, and detail-oriented. Emily feels blessed for all the ways that motherhood has changed her beliefs on life. Once directed by a relentless perfectionist perspective, she now regularly hears a kind, gentle inner voice seated in grace. Now when presented with a task, she often, to quote the voice of many women who’ve gone before her, asks herself, “is it good enough for what it’s for?”



Raised in the Milwaukee area, Melania has always had a heart for humans. As a growing up teen mom – Yara [2012] – she wings her way through motherhood with chocolate, her mom tribe, and all the love. MKEMB has quickly become her home, founded in the richness that women are the strongest when together; a lesson her mom is to thank for. Melania believes that labels should be twisted into good, Pinterest is a form of self-care, and Instagram is the best of social media platforms. Her days are spent balancing her career at a local non-profit, drinking chai tea, reading good books, and adventuring with Yara, which almost always ends at her neighbor’s house with s’mores for the kids and red wine for the moms.



Lisa is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and colleague. Professionally, she identifies as a writer, speaker, marketer, creative and public health devotee, but mom is the title she loves the most – by far. A Milwaukee native, she currently resides in Pewaukee with her husband Mark, daughters Maven and Sylvie and blonde Goldendoodle pup, Nova. She’s madly in love with her family and is passionate about living a mindful and healthy life. Lisa loves running, thinking she’s a yogi, staying organized, traveling, cooking, writing, going out for margaritas {or wine} and spending quality time with friends and family. On any given day, you can be sure she’s checking items off of her to-do list and dreaming up another something to conquer – whether it’s a new job, hobby or way she’ll make the world a better place. She’s on a mission to spread love and joy, turn insecurities, criticisms and struggles into strengths and to inspire happy, healthy, hospitable lives. You can find her sharing pieces of herself and her life at In Wild Hearts



Lindsay is a lifelong Wisconsinite living in Wauwatosa with her husband Dan, two children and dog. Lindsay graduated from University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a degree in Communications and lifelong friends. She works in advertising and supports her husband’s business. Together, they raise their littles – Ingrid born in 2011 and Louie 2015 and hope to instill a love for the outdoors and arts. Passionate about connecting with and supporting mothers; Lindsay believes parenthood truly takes a village. She finds happiness on her yoga mat, baking sweet treats with her daughter and laughing with friends over coffee or a cocktail (or both). Lindsay believes in the power of to-do lists and loves exploring the city and Wisconsin state parks. She is happy to be a part of the MkeMB team and blogs her story at



Kate is a former high school teacher and the stay-at-home mom of Nate (August 2013) and Grace (August 2015). She first came to Milwaukee in 2005 to attend Marquette University, where she met her college sweetheart Luke. (Luke and Kate were married in 2009.)  One of her favorite parts about Milwaukee is how easy it is for her to expose her children to learning experiences. (She also doesn’t mind that it’s a nice “call first” distance from her family and in-laws.)  She lives in the North Shore with her husband, kids, and a goofy collie mix named Rose. Outside of parenting, she spends her time watching HGTV, cooking, and volunteering with the Junior League of Milwaukee.  Kate writes about faith, family, and the beautiful vocation that is motherhood at



Once a resident of the 15th arrondissement in Paris, Meg now rarely uses the bathroom without an audience. She lives in Shorewood with her home-brewing husband, two daughters, and two cats. Their home décor can best be described as “Early American Toy Explosion.” Before making the difficult decision to leave her job last year, Meg was a teacher for twelve years, teaching everything from third to seventh grade, from French to Home Ec. She is fluent in French, Spanish, and Katerina Kittycat. Meg earned a Grand Diplome in Cuisine and Pastry from the Cordon Bleu in 2006 and is passionate about food, cooking, and eating well. When she’s not cooking, eating, or thinking about what to cook or eat, she loves to go for walks by Lake Michigan, hang out in beer gardens, dream of traveling, read, and catch up with family and friends.



Candace is a stay at home mom of two girls ages 5 and 3. She was born and raised in Milwaukee. And she and her daughters currently reside in Shorewood where she homeschools them and provides in-home daycare to local families. Candace enjoys doing photography, cooking, sewing ,but mostly spending time with her daughters. She looks forward to writing about her adventures as she, Sammy and Kinley tackle first time homeschooling and all the ups and downs of being a single stay at home mom!



Callie’s birth certificate says “Milwaukee,” but she spent most of her life in Georgia. While her transplanted southern roots run deep, she felt a calling to come home to Wisconsin for a job opportunity in 2008. The very day she started her new career, she also met her husband, Jason, and the rest is history. Careful planning and prayer gave them their son, Braden, and less than a year later, his surprise of a sister, Brynn, was born.  Life with two toddlers keeps her continuously caffeinated, as does a full-time job in admissions and her role as a coach’s wife.  

While Callie lives in the outskirts of Milwaukee in Racine, as much of her free time as possible is spent in the Brew City. Her love of food goes beyond fried chicken and sweet tea, making newly-opened restaurants her favorite places to visit. A day well spent would include time with her wonderful family, lots of laughter, a good book, running outside (if the temperature is above 40 degrees), and a cold beer with her girlfriends.

Sarah DO

headshot (6)

Sarah is a lifelong Wisco girl who has lived on the Eastside since grade school and cannot imagine not being within walking distance of the lake. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 17 years, and together they have three kids aged 21, 16 and 3. Her first child was born with autism, so she has a passion for helping other parents navigate the tricky road to diagnosis and beyond.  In addition to parental advocacy, she has worked many years in the healthcare industry as a clinic manager. Recently she decided to make the switch and work full-time with her husband in their IT Consulting business.  

When not trying to have an actual conversation with a big kid, or cleaning Nutella off every surface in the house, she likes to take pretty pictures, redesign her living room or work out.  The perfect end to a perfect (or terrible) day is one on one time with her husband Alex and a healthy pour of wine. She is very excited to be part of the MKE Moms Community!



Meagan has been in Milwaukee for almost eight years (even though she made her husband pinky swear they’d leave after two) and now she can’t imagine living anywhere else. She spent her twenties in London directing study abroad programs and made her way to Milwaukee after stints in Boston, San Francisco and West Africa. She switched careers in 2008 after pursing a degree in School Counseling from Marquette but is now home full-time with her two boys.  

Meagan’s love of bringing people together led her to develop a series of retreats for women focused on reflecting, connecting and storytelling. If she gets to bed early enough, she loves the wee hours of the morning before the kids wake to enjoy a cup of coffee and some quiet meditation. But most days, quiet time is a pipe dream, and she can be found bouncing around the kitchen with microphones (er, spatulas) for everyone! You can find more from Meagan at her blog



Lori is affectionately known by her “people” as eternally optimistic, always looking for the good in people and the bright lights at the end of any tunnel. Moving her family to Wisconsin from Alabama in 2014 for a career advancement opportunity, she has learned that moving with babies is much different than moving with elementary school kids, however she feels confident that her family landed in the right place in Brookfield. While the past couple of years in the Milwaukee area have flown by, Lori is anxious to use her free time this year exploring the wonders of Milwaukee, being more active in the community and getting to know more of this cities awesome people. She is excited about giving her kids experiences that expose them to different cultures, faiths, people, geographies etc. There is so much to offer here, that she often doesn’t know where to begin, but looks forward to the journey! Lori is passionate about inclusion and diversity in our world, and tries to live this out in her everyday life whether leading her team members at work or teaching her littles about loving and being respectful to all people. It’s no easy task in today’s world, but she truly believes that we can build a brighter future by leading by example with the smallest of humans. She will be first to tell you that Mommying is exhausting but it is hands down the most rewarding, challenging, exciting role she’s ever held! 



Raised in the North Shore and Ozaukee County, all Colleen ever wanted from life was to be a writer or a mother – and because dreams do come true, now she gets to be both. Colleen lives in Port Washington with her husband and one-year-old daughter Rose. She graduated from UW-Milwaukee, where she majored in English, against literally everyone’s advice. The joke’s on them, though, because now she makes tens of dollars per year as a freelance writer, working for both regional and national publications and even scribbling a little fiction here and there. Her favorite subjects to write about are the greater Milwaukee area and the people that make it the best place on earth.


Having lived more years in Milwaukee than outside of it, Karri considers herself a native Milwaukeean.  Shortly after finishing up her graduate degree, she decided that she wanted to pursue the role of the CEO of her household and volunteer extraordinaire and has never looked back. Married since 2000, Karri and her husband Chris have 3 children, age 14 and 12 year old twins. (Yes, they were shocked to find out they were having twins. No, twins don’t run in the family. No, she does not recall those first 2 years and is quite thankful for photos and videos).

When she’s not driving her brood to all their activities, she can be found volunteering as the Special Events Chair for the East Tosa Alliance, going to the dog park with the family’s beloved Golden Retriever, working out, reading a book, or drinking wine with friends on a porch. While she is very passionate about all things local (foods, wares, establishments), she is not fond of winter and thinks mayonnaise and stinky cheeses are the devil’s foods. She can be found writing the occasional blog post at House of Tubers.



Mandy is a School of Education dropout turned Billing Specialist extraordinaire. After a year-long whirlwind including a first date at a funeral and a long-distance romance, she married her Jersey boy, Blake, 11 years ago. Milwaukee born, raised and raising, she is blessed enough to send Cristian (8) to bed each night in the very room she spent most of her childhood in. Mandy is passionate about advocating for special needs as Cristian is out to show the world that actions speak louder than labels. After much thought, debate, and an assist from PCOS, he is their only. They live in a three-generational Mexican/Sicilian version of Parenthood with her parents, brother, and two dogs.

Mandy is rarely seen without a to-do list or polished nails. Diet Coke should run though her veins and her spirit animal would most likely be a margarita-drinking polka-dotted dolphin. She’s the mom that’s a little too loud at soccer games calling her son by his nickname (Pooh Bear) and actually listened to the Grand Master when he recommended parents join Taekwondo as well. She’s currently trying to find the balance between her new-found love for working out with her long-time love of carbs after losing 50 pounds. Physically unable to relax (except for her beloved naps), Mandy fills her (ha!) spare time with volunteer work through her church or crafting while watching Food Network or her show du jour on Netflix.




Melissa is a Waukesha native and is raising her boys in the same neighborhood she grew up in. Her friends call her Mel. Five years ago you could have described her as a happily married mom to four boys (including triplets … yes I said triplets). Today, she’s a single, full-time working mama to three boys (9 and 5) and an angel. Mel lives on coffee and Diet Dew. After the boys are in bed, she spends her nights making lunches, doing dishes and crocheting to crime tv. She loves trying new things and laughing until her sides hurt. Mel is daughter, sister, mother, godmother, coworker and friend … but most of all she says, “I’m just messy me.” You can read more about how Mel’s journey continues to unravel and unfold over at



Shel is an introvert masquerading as an extrovert. After graduating from Marquette, she immediately left for the Peace Corps and the quiet desert of Niger, West Africa where she used her degree in Interpersonal Communications & Political Science to plant trees, gardens, & latrines. Returning to the states, she decided she hadn’t had enough travel & began working for an airline primarily in the Caribbean & Europe. It was during this time that Shel came to her senses and her husband, Jim, managed to extract himself from a three year friend zone to become Shel’s “before anyone else.” The real adventure began there and has not ended.  Shel returned to school for a M.S. in Organizational Development & Leadership while raising bees, chickens, dogs, a family and a career. She is now a retired fire lieutenant/paramedic after 20 years in the fire service teaching pre-hospital medicine at MATC, Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse and other classes at UW Waukesha, and the occasional Chief Officer’s communication class at UW Oshkosh. She consults with an international disaster response group providing training on hospital evacuation, triage, and weapons of mass destruction and often responds as part of a forward strike team when there is a disaster. She leads humanitarian aid response teams to Haiti, Africa, & South America as well as spending time with programs for disadvantaged in Milwaukee & other areas of the US. She & Jim have three strong willed and intelligent daughters who are each accomplished in their own right, having traveled & worked alongside their parents through the years.  Shel regularly reminds herself that strong willed children grow up to be productive adults (usually over a glass of wine).  Shel is a Marquette volleyball alumna and still coaches club & high school volleyball. You will often find her with a coffee cup and book in hand recharging for her next foray into society.



A resident of Wisconsin since 2012, Gina grew up in California but has always felt at home in the Midwest, having spent many childhood holidays goofing off with cousins and extended family in the Chicago area. Gina met her husband Kevin at the University of Notre Dame, where she studied marketing and German and played trumpet in the marching band. Their daughters Julia (6.5 years) and Lily (5 years) keep things interesting with plenty of sibling drama and an obsession with craft supplies and Legos. Gina has a background in fundraising and loves collaborating on community projects. When she’s not organizing play dates or trying to teach her family’s pet guinea pigs new circus tricks, Gina enjoys training for sprint triathlons, fueling her writing pursuits with large amounts of coffee and chocolate, and listening to One Direction songs on an endless loop. You can find some of her caffeinated ramblings about motherhood at Love Hope and Coffee

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