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Don’t Lose Yourself to Motherhood

If I had one piece of advice to new moms out there, it would be this. Don’t lose yourself to motherhood. I’ve only been a mom for seven years, but amongst that time I’m created three little human beings. I’m a proud mom who is raising kids to “have fun, be kind, and learn a […]

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Giving Thanks

We are fast approaching the holidays and I can say with a heavy heart that this is probably one of the hardest set of holidays I have gone through, not because I’ve lost anyone in particular this year but because I feel like we are a hurt nation right now, at odds with one another […]

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Missing the Military Lifestyle

You can take the family out the military, but can’t take the military out the family. This quote that I so expertly just made up is one that describes us to a T. We miss the military lifestyle. Every three years there’s an itch in our house. We become restless. One of us starts searching […]

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Growing up Immigrant

  People often ask what it’s like to grow up with parents who aren’t American. I start to laugh because only now, since becoming a grown-up with my own family to manage, am I starting to see some of the hilarious differences between the way my parents handle everyday life and the way I see […]

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My American Dream

Growing up, I heard a lot of comments about my family. My mom had to fight for me and my sister in school and stand up to people who questioned our “differences.” Often times, people would talk louder to my parents because they thought that’s how immigrants understand English. They would look at them with […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Milwaukee Area Fireworks

Fireworks are integral to Milwaukee’s summertime culture. There is no summer without them. Below is a detailed list of Milwaukee and surrounding counties fireworks’ schedules. So grab a blanket, pack your picnic basket, and attend as many firework displays as you can!  Festivals                                           St. John Neumann Parish Festival – June 3rd, dusk. Enjoy this parish […]

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