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Don’t Lose Yourself to Motherhood

If I had one piece of advice to new moms out there, it would be this. Don’t lose yourself to motherhood. I’ve only been a mom for seven years, but amongst that time I’m created three little human beings. I’m a proud mom who is raising kids to “have fun, be kind, and learn a […]

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Giving Thanks

We are fast approaching the holidays and I can say with a heavy heart that this is probably one of the hardest set of holidays I have gone through, not because I’ve lost anyone in particular this year but because I feel like we are a hurt nation right now, at odds with one another […]

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Missing the Military Lifestyle

You can take the family out the military, but can’t take the military out the family. This quote that I so expertly just made up is one that describes us to a T. We miss the military lifestyle. Every three years there’s an itch in our house. We become restless. One of us starts searching […]

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Growing up Immigrant

  People often ask what it’s like to grow up with parents who aren’t American. I start to laugh because only now, since becoming a grown-up with my own family to manage, am I starting to see some of the hilarious differences between the way my parents handle everyday life and the way I see […]

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