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Marriage After Kids :: More Than Smelling the Mayo

I fell hard for my husband during the summer of 2001, the year after we graduated from the same college. We went camping as friends and I was pretty certain I was going to marry him after that trip.  We started a 5-month-long distance dating relationship that was full of spontaneous weekend trips to see […]

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True Life :: I Miss Being in Love

This post is part of a series called the True Life Series, where we share stories written by Milwaukee area moms, but posted anonymously. By and large, these stories are more sensitive in nature or cover topics that may be triggers for some readers. Publishing the piece does not suggest an endorsement by MKE Moms Blog. […]

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Can I Be the Dad for a Day?

I’d love to trade places with my husband for a day. I don’t mean that entirely literally, since he works with numbers and I haven’t taken a math class since high school calculus. Somehow I evaded formulas and theorems in college with classes like astronomy and viticulture and enology. Instead of math, I was studying […]

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DON’T Ask Your Father

It amazes me two people can come together and raise children. My husband and I have completely different temperaments. We were raised with different rules, curfews and parenting philosophies. My husband has only sisters and me only brothers. I’m hardest on our oldest and him on our son. I’m hyper, he’s passive. I’m strict, he’s not. […]

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