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I am so grateful for my mom friends. I am a stronger, more confident mom thanks to their support and friendship.

Be the Mom You Want to Be

It’s happened to all of us. You’re talking with a group of moms, and all of a sudden you start talking about breastfeeding (or co-sleeping or homeschooling or pretty much any other parental decision). “I stopped nursing when I went back to work,” you say. Or, “My son is almost two and I still nurse.” Regardless of […]

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Taking Care of Momma

  I am waaay too hard on myself. In my mind, if I am not making it happen 24/7, somehow I am failing. My parents, being my biggest supporters and brutally (kind) honest people that they are, often remind me that I need to take a break. I promptly respond with the classic “I’m not […]

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