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ADHD. A conversation about the brain and drug-free options.

I’m Jason Cindric, D.C. I’m a family chiropractor In Wauwatosa, WI and I want to help kids and families live healthier happier lives, without medications.

This workshop was created because of two questions I hear all the time from parents, more particularly from moms, moms just like you. Why does my child have ADHD? and What are my options?

I’ve taken care of these amazing kiddos for five plus years and I’m going to share with you the answers to those exact two questions, and share success stories from my patients. I really hope those interested can make it. I created a Facebook event on Life Chiropractic Studio. If you’re interested, please let me know so I can best prepare for the event.

If you can’t make the talk and have questions. Please call the office @ 414-939-9299 and set up a time to sit down and talk with me.

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