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It Doesn’t Get Easier; You Get Stronger

The first year with a new baby is HARD.  Like, REALLY hard. So hard, in fact, older moms in public often offer unsolicited reassurance to strangers they see with infants and toddlers, smiling knowingly and saying “don’t worry, hun, after the first year, it gets easier.” But you know what?  I’m calling their bluff. Of course, my experience is […]

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Five Things I Learned As the Mom of a Fussy Baby

Rose was a week old when the screaming started. At first, we thought it was something I ate. I had just annihilated one of those delicious, cheese-stuffed postpartum casseroles that little wingless angels leave on your doorstep after you have a baby. She’s not colicky, I told myself, knee-deep in denial. She must just be dairy-sensitive […]

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On Embracing Seasons

I. Hate. Winter. There. I said it.  I grew up in Wisconsin, so it’s not like I’m not used to the snow, ice, and cold. It’s just that I don’t like it. Beyond that, I just love summer. So much so, that from the first day of August until the first snowflake falls, I find […]

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Meet Alexa

You could say I’m an adrenaline junkie. For my 25th birthday I learned how to drive a motorcycle and got my motorcycle license, I went sky diving, and got my conceal carry permit. I enjoy working out with my husband in our home gym and am working on getting better about eating healthier. Yoga, meditation, […]

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Twenty Milestones for Multiples

When I was pregnant with my first child, I distinctly remember going to the bookstore and pouring over the baby books. I carefully chose the cutest, sweetest one on the shelf. Throughout his first year of life, I meticulously and neatly filled out every detail with a specially purchased, smudge-proof pen. Child Two — I attempted […]

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