• Ultimate Summer Bucket List
A Milwaukee Mom's Guide to (6)

A Milwaukee Moms Guide to June

With June comes summer *FINALLY* which means pools and splash pads and sunshine and beer gardens and ALL THE SUMMER THINGS. We have a whole heap of resources ready and waiting for you go make your summer planning simpler! If you’re looking for some creative ideas to kick things off, start with our Ultimate Summer Bucket […]

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preemie mom

The Extras When You’re a Preemie Mom

I’ve been a preemie mom for over 6 years now. As with any aspect of motherhood, it’s something that lasts your whole life. Things don’t just go back to “normal” once your baby comes home from the hospital. You live a new normal that includes a lot of “extras” that I didn’t experience with my […]

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Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Milwaukee Summer Bucket List

Thank you to the YMCA of Greater Waukesha County for sponsoring our Summer Bucket List and for their commitment to being an epicenter of family fun in all seasons of the year, including the summer months! Promoting wellness, teaching swim skills, and offering convenient wellness resources for families, the Greater Waukesha YMCA has five locations to […]

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A Lesson in Friendship

Friendships are wonderful, beautiful, essential things. They can also be incredibly difficult to understand, especially when you’re a child. These days, my six-year-old daughter is navigating the world of ever-changing friendships. One day her best friend is one person and the next day it’s another. Recently, I’ve noticed how much work she has been putting […]

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why I got Help mke moms blog

Why I Got Help

I like to consider myself a strong, well put-together person. I manage my household for the most part, have been married for fourteen years, have two well-rounded kids, work full time, and have never struggled with any mental health issues. I am pretty much always on: I try to always be there for my friends, […]

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