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The Thing about a Strong Willed Daughter

My daughter has a stronger will than me. That’s saying something, really. She knows who she is, what she likes and what she wants. She also knows that she will not do anything she is not ready to do. We were recently reminded that she also will not take crap from anyone.  The First Email […]

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10 Reasons Moms Need Group Texts

About a year ago, a close friend moved across the country. She’s been home a few times since she moved but even with that, we don’t see each other any more than we did when she lived in here. I’ve known this friend for almost all of my adult life and we’ve been through dating, […]

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My Kid is Not an

My Kid is Not an Adult

I realized I was treating my 6-year-old like an adult. I was annoyed at the behaviors I was seeing in her and I wondered why she couldn’t “just do what I say.” It seems so simple, but when it finally hit me that she’s a kid and not a staff member or fellow volunteer, it was a […]

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On Taking a Break

It happens to be that I do a decent job of doing it all. I work full time, parent, wife and volunteer. I also know I need breaks, but for some reason those breaks come few and far between these days. I have high expectations for myself and because of that I push hard. It’s […]

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A Story of a Thin Girl

I’m thin. I’ve been thin my whole life. Tall and thin. I’ll take it. It’s not horrible but it’s not always easy either. Many people think being tall and thin equals happiness. I know a ton of people who bust their butts to be a size smaller or to be as small as me. The truth […]

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Apps I Can’t Live Without

I am constantly on my phone. Not always to fall down the Facebook rabbit hole…however that does happen from time to time. I use my phone to keep life organized, so here are some of my favorite apps that make my life as a mom a whole lot easier. Weatherbug: It’s Wisconsin. It’s winter.  Now is […]

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