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Tips and Tools of a Busy Mom

I am a busy mom.  The mom job description evidently always starts with “ability to multi-task required.” There is not a mom on the planet who doesn’t feel overwhelmed and overworked, regardless of the number of kids you have or whether you work in or out of the home.  I should know — I have […]

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Santa IS Real

In our house Santa Claus is very real. I know a lot of parents struggle with what they should tell their children about Santa; for some it is a matter of why they celebrate Christmas, for others they worry about lying to their children. I do not have these concerns. In our house Santa personifies […]

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More than Just Food

I love good quality food. I love food direct from the source, cultivated by local growers and sold at farmer’s markets. I love food that’s organic, free of GMOS, pesticides, dyes, and the list goes on. I think it is incredibly important to know what’s in our food and what we are putting in our […]

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My Motherhood Journey :: Advanced Maternal Age, Secondary Infertility and IVF

I’m an “old” mother.  I didn’t have my first child until I was 38 years old.  As the doctors say, I’m of “advanced maternal age.” Despite my advanced status, I never expected to have problems getting pregnant. Even though intellectually I knew that I was past my prime baby-making stage when I finally got around […]

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Where’s the Diversity?

My family and I are relatively new to Milwaukee.  My husband, two children and I moved here from Chicago last May to be exact.  I’m a very happy city dweller who loves the sights and sounds provided by city living.   I have always loved the idea of raising my children with an appreciation of diverse […]

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Meet Laurie

Hello there. Happy to meet you, I’m Laurie a new Milwaukeean by way of Chicago. I moved to this beautiful city, more or less on a whim, in spring of 2015 with my husband and two children, Annabelle and Bohdan (Bohdy). I spent the majority of my twenties bouncing around the country and living in […]

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