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Warm Drinks To Warm You Up

Warm Drinks To Warm You Up

It’s that time of year here in Wisconsin, the cold sets in and our homes are filled with the smell of firewood, the sound of game night, and plenty of blankets. My favorite part of being stuck in colder weather is wrapping up by the fireplace with a good book and a warm mug to wrap my […]

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Taking Care of Momma

  I am waaay too hard on myself. In my mind, if I am not making it happen 24/7, somehow I am failing. My parents, being my biggest supporters and brutally (kind) honest people that they are, often remind me that I need to take a break. I promptly respond with the classic “I’m not […]

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Meet Melania

Hello! I’m Melania. I have lived in Wisconsin for all twenty one years of my life and was raised to eat cheese, be loyal to the Packers, and believe in family. Some of my favorite things are the color orange, Thanksgiving, reading good books, chai tea, Prosecco and horses. When I was a senior in […]

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