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Tiny Moms Raising Tall Sons

When my 9-year-old son wants a hug from me in front of his class, I’m so humbled and grateful until he burrows his head into my bosom. Yeah….I must have missed that chapter in What to Expect When You’re Expecting a 2-Foot-Tall Newborn. Now, nine years later, that 24″ long newborn wears a men’s size 8.5 shoe.  […]

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A Slow Reader Can Raise Avid Readers

In all the parenting wisdom I possessed before I  became a parent, I had the naive idea that raising a reader would commit them to a life lived in Lame Land.  I truly hoped my future children would not be kids who spent their summers at the library with their nose in a book.  You […]

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Caleb kissing Tisha

Meet Tisha

My life’s goal as a child was to go be an Olympic swimmer, earn gold medals, and be the greatest swimmer in the world.  So, from the age of 7 to 16, my signature scent was Chlorine. And, my greatest fear in life was the fear of failure. My adolescent brain was convinced that failure […]

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