Why I Quit My Job Even though I Knew I Would Fail

Why I Quit My Job

I quit my job. I didn’t have a plan. I just knew I needed to be done.

I wasn’t always unhappy there.

When I first started at the daycare I was so happy, and couldn’t wait to arrive each day. My daughters were able to attend, I was making new mom friends and my daughters were making new friends their age. I loved my work and was starting to finally feel like I had a place where I belonged! But as I spent more time working and taking on more responsibility, I realized I was giving my all to work, and nothing to my girls. They were getting older and grew more interested in activities. But by the time we arrived home there was only time for dinner, baths and bed. This led to Mommy Guilt, sad kids, and an all around grumpy household! I couldn’t afford to quit, but I also couldn’t afford to continue making all three of us miserable.

I tried to find a middle ground. So — let’s cut those hours!

Something had to change. I was starting to become overtired and my lack of patience at work was starting to show. I decided to cut my hours down from 40 a week to 25. I dedicated mornings to gymnastics, ballet and music classes. We were all happy again! I was happy to get to work, and to actually take on the tasks. But, naturally I started to get bored with that as well. I had also been considering homeschooling my 4-year-old rather than sending her to the neighborhood school. If I continued to work she would have to go to school and I wasn’t certain that was the route our family preferred. Each day I would tell myself that I could work from home, I could homeschool, and that I needed to resign that day. Every day, for 6 months, I went to work thinking that would be the day. 

Until one day in December I woke up early and typed my resignation notice.

Totally had no plan.

None. No plan. If I didn’t just do it I never was going to! I had the letter in my purse for two days before I turned it in. I would have held on to it longer if it wasn’t for a parent telling me to go for it and how I wouldn’t regret it in the future. I cried and took my letter to the office. Parents began to tell me they’d miss me, but they understood. Some said they wished they could do the same. That support really helped me through the transition. Since I didn’t have a plan at all, I tried watching other kids out of my home and because I was not prepared, things kind of failed! So I adapted, swithced course and tried something different. After I initially “failed,” I went to UWM for a semester and started a photography business.

The good outweighs the bad.

As the young people say, “the struggle is real!” That statement held true for my family most of 2016! It was hard, and there were times I wasn’t sure this was even the right choice. Then my daughter started to say things like “I’m glad we stay home” and “I’m glad you work at home” and I know that I actually made a good choice, for me and for my family. Today we are almost a year into a great routine and we are all genuinely happy that I decided to quit without a plan.

While this particular leap of faith might not be for everyone, there is something to be said for following your gut, even when you know you’ll “fail.”


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  1. Lindsay
    Lindsay November 14, 2016 at 9:44 pm #

    Congrats on following your dreams!

    • Candace
      Candace January 10, 2017 at 10:45 pm #

      thank you!

  2. Rose Manjon January 11, 2017 at 10:49 am #

    so inspiring, i love this!!

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