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The First Day Nerves

As we made the short drive from our home to school, I asked my oldest how he was feeling.  “Are you excited for your first day of kindergarten?”  “Well, I’m a lot excited and a little nervous.” It was true. I’d spent 10 minutes trying to get him to stand still for the annual first-day-of-school […]

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Momboss Taking Care of Business

What Exactly is a #MomBoss?

Friends were recently discussing what actually is a #Momboss. What exactly qualifies someone to acquire that particular hashtag moniker?  I had a general understanding, but on a recent night, it hit me……. I think I am one*. The scene: It’s 5:45 pm on a Tuesday. I’ve got the baby on a hip, dinner in the […]

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Death_to_stock_photography_weekend_work (9 of 10)

My Work Life Isn’t Working

Will it ever feel like this Parent + Professional Life is working? For me, returning to work when my daughter was born was the easy part. It was being apart during the toddler years that was hard. Every Possible Option  I’ve tried every way I can think of these past three years. Full-time. Part-time. No time. Salaried. […]

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Beth and I

Meet Abby

I never wanted to have children. Most people don’t know this about me. I often call myself a hesitant mother. In 2006, I met Beth, my now-wife and she already had a one-year-old little boy. He was almost a deal breaker. I was 22 and didn’t think I could be selfless enough to parent. I […]

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