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Milwaukee Area Little Free Library Guide 2018

Chances are, you’ve seen a Little Free Library in your neighborhood. At first glance, they may look like over-sized birdhouses, but these little libraries are actually points of light in communities, promoting literacy, creating community, and cultivating a love of reading. What is a Little Free Library? These libraries are more than just a box of books. […]

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high school

To My Son As You Begin High School

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I took SIX positive pregnancy tests and said to your Dad, “I THINK I’m pregnant?” The shock of you entering our world quickly turned into an all-consuming, do-anything-for, life-changing kind of love. The moment they placed you in my arms, son, my world expanded and I knew nothing would ever be the same – life […]

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Your FUTURE'S so BRIGHT, you haveto wear shades! (2)

Seven Tips to Avoid the Summer Learning Slump

This post is sponsored by Brookfield Christian School. We are pleased to bring our readers these resources about summer learning. Of course summertime is full of sunshine and endless possibilities for adventure, but for many families, summer also means a shakeup of the routine and quite possibly a couple months of taking the foot off […]

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