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Lynden Sculpture Garden :: Summer Camps at the Intersection of Art and Nature

This post is sponsored by Lynden Sculpture Garden, who offer art and nature summer camps for kids ages 20 months to 15 years. We are excited to share more about the camp offerings for Milwaukee families with you today! Lynden’s art and nature camps for children aged 20 months to 15 years integrate our collection […]

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A Love Letter to Teachers

My kindergarten teacher’s name was Miss Johnson. Tall and slender, with short brown hair and a gentle voice, she was the person who led us in songs at circle time and came to my rescue when I discovered a pincher bug in my crayon box. Beyond these snippets, my brain holds no memories of the caring and smart […]

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Identical or Fraternal? :: The Great Twin Debate

As any new parent can attest, taking an adorable mini-human into public is basically making yourself a magnet for questions and comments: “Awww! How old is she?” “Is he a good sleeper?” “Look at all that hair!!” Take twins (or triplets, I’m sure!) into public and you may as well schedule in an additional 20 minutes […]

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Raising Media Smart Kids

Last year, as Sydney was getting started in 5K, I attended a talk at school during our Parent Orientation night about raising media smart kids. This year, the school held the talk again and it was awesome. I was sad to see only a handful of families represented. I picked up so many great tips […]

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What Really Matters

It happens every year around this time. That sinking feeling in my stomach and my eyes welling up with tears with regret over lost time. Today was the first day of school. Last night after I tucked my kids in, I went into my office and saw my daughter’s Lego Friends neatly positioned in their lounge chairs with […]

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