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Exploring Milwaukee’s Fabulous Farmers’ Markets

June. Its the start of outdoor farmer’s market season here in the Midwest. And in the metro Milwaukee area, we are blessed with an abundance of beautiful farmers’ markets literally every day of the week.  Shopping at a farmer’s market is a fun experience for the whole family — it is enjoyable to simply browse the stalls, […]

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When Seconds Count :: How a Mom Used CPR to Save Her Daughter’s LIfe

Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, who also provided all information and medical resources. We are proud to share this crucial information with Milwaukee area families. Anyone who has ever learned CPR has done so in the hopes they will never have to use it. Today we are sharing the story […]

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A Story of a Thin Girl

I’m thin. I’ve been thin my whole life. Tall and thin. I’ll take it. It’s not horrible but it’s not always easy either. Many people think being tall and thin equals happiness. I know a ton of people who bust their butts to be a size smaller or to be as small as me. The truth […]

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The Prize in the Box

Dear Moms of the Interwebs,  This is a true story, I swear to you. I am writing it anonymously mostly to protect my someday teenage children from the humiliation of Googling their mother’s name and finding a horror story about her vagina from 2016, which would lead to abundant bullying and inappropriate “yo mama” jokes.  […]

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Childhood Cancer :: The Guerrero Story

This is the third in a series of posts brought to you by Northwestern Mutual as part of its Mother’s Day Campaign and Childhood Cancer Program. Although financially compensated for the creation of this series, all writing, thoughts and opinions are our own. It’s been called “Mother’s Intuition,” that sixth sense that is somehow activated when we are […]

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