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A Milwaukee Mom's Guide to (3)

A Milwaukee Mom’s Guide to March

March is the month we’ve been waiting for — when those glimpses of spring begin to surface, the snow starts to melt and we start to see signs of new life all around us. It also means lots more opportunities to rediscover what the Milwaukee area has to offer familie with kids! There are some great […]

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How Christmas Changes Along with the Tree

I would like to say that is was some earth-shattering change such as discovering that artificial trees are better for the environment or that someone in the family was allergic to the Christmas tree that caused us to consider changing our Christmas tree tradition. But, it was nothing so monumental. It was the simple fact […]

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Surviving Christmas Chaos: 3 Tips for Managing Family During the Holiday Season

Every year, as the holidays approach, my anxiety rises.  Navigating all of the activities during the holiday season is exhausting! Between my two sets of parents, siblings, my husband’s family, and close friends, it seems like we are doing something holiday related every few days from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. By the end of the […]

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