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Helping a Friend Through a Miscarriage

It’s natural. When a friend is hurting, we want to fix it. We want to do anything we can to make her feel better. After opening up and sharing about my own miscarriages, I’ve had quite a few people ask me what they can do for someone they know who’s recently suffered a miscarriage. With 1 in […]

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Remembering Loss

I don’t remember much about the appointment. I was 22 weeks and we weren’t going to find out the gender. I have no memory whatsoever of the ultrasound itself except for a lingering regret that I didn’t ask for a picture. I don’t have even the slightest image of the room, or technician or where […]

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Let’s Talk About Miscarriage

It’s so common. We’ve all heard the statistics. One in four women will experience a miscarriage. That’s 25% of us. One-quarter of pregnancies will end before 20 weeks. (And 75% of them in the first trimester). So why aren’t we talking about this?  Well, some of us are.  But the truth is, it’s hard.  We […]

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