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Can I Be the Dad for a Day?

I’d love to trade places with my husband for a day. I don’t mean that entirely literally, since he works with numbers and I haven’t taken a math class since high school calculus. Somehow I evaded formulas and theorems in college with classes like astronomy and viticulture and enology. Instead of math, I was studying […]

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DON’T Ask Your Father

It amazes me two people can come together and raise children. My husband and I have completely different temperaments. We were raised with different rules, curfews and parenting philosophies. My husband has only sisters and me only brothers. I’m hardest on our oldest and him on our son. I’m hyper, he’s passive. I’m strict, he’s not. […]

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When Your Husband Isn't Romantic

When Your Husband Isn’t Romantic

I always knew my husband was romantic. Deep down in the inner recesses of his being my husband was a poem-writing, song-singing, bouquet-buying kind of guy. I waited and watched and then grew increasingly disappointed when his inner Romeo failed to emerge. He did not surprise me with expensive jewelry, throw me a big 40th […]

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