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When Postpartum Gets Scary

I know the moment my life stopped, because it is written in my daughter’s newborn journal. I had finished up a nursing session just before 4am on October 16 and the thoughts just got too scary. So scary I called my therapist in the middle of the night and promptly checked myself into an inpatient […]

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My First Few Weeks as a New Mom, As Told by Google :: GUEST POST

This guest post is part of our Moms Mental Health Series, published in partnership with a new resource in the Milwaukee area that we are incredibly excited about — Moms Mental Health Initiative. Founded by two local moms who dealt with their own perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, MMHI seeks to provide easy and professional resources […]

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What PPD Looks Like to ME

The time surrounding the birth of a new baby is full to the brim with emotions: excitement, anxiety, joy, pain, nervousness, relief, etc. People are constantly coming and going, and there are visitors, celebrations, congratulations, and new experiences galore.  But when the dust settles and the sleep-deprived mama is left holding this beautiful newborn baby and the […]

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one step at a time

One Step at a Time :: The Journey Into AND Out of Addiction

Today we are featuring a guest post from Mary Ellen, a local mom whose son has been an addict for more than 12 years. This is her story, her experience and her encouragement to you today. We recognize this is a very sensitive topic that may be triggering for many who read it and there […]

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