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14 Ways for Families to Celebrate

Happy 414 Day! 14 Ways for Families to Celebrate Milwaukee Day!

What Wisconsin city celebrates itself every April 14th, a date based on its area code? Yep, its our beloved Milwaukee! If you’re local, by now you must have heard that April 14th is Milwaukee Day. It’s a celebration that grew from humble beginnings, and now is a day dedicated to celebrating the city that Milwaukeeans adore […]

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Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus :: A New Children’s Book from KWiL Publishing {PLUS an Exclusive DISCOUNT!}

This post is sponsored by Milwaukee-based publishing company, KWiL Publishing. We are so excited to tell our readers about their debut children’s book! We are so excited to celebrate that local publishing company, KWiL Publishing, has released their debut children’s book and we are thrilled to share a review of this fun book with you […]

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Fostering Independence and Cultivating Leadership in Your Child

This post is sponsored by Brookfield Christian School and written by a BCS dad and head of school who is passionate about cultivating a community of excellence. We are pleased to bring our readers this perspective on this phase of parenthood. When our kids are little ones, we parents find ourselves stressing about our kids […]

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A Milwaukee Mom's Guide to (2)

A Milwaukee Mom’s Guide to February

While we suffer/survive through these frigid winter days, getting out of the house can be a daunting feat. So much work goes into planning your exit from the warm oasis you’ve created at home that it’s easy to fall into a home-bound routine. Safely bundling and unbundling your kiddos for trips out of the house can […]

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