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A Story of Heart and Hair

It’s hard to believe it was only 3 years ago that my then 7th grader was walking out the door for school with her hair looking disheveled, dry and unkempt. At that moment, I couldn’t stop the hurtful words from flowing out of my mouth, “Why do you think it’s ok to go to school […]

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Rock the

Rock the Mom Vote

Today is the spring primary election for Wisconsin. I will be voting on candidates for the state supreme court, numerous county and municipal judges, a county supervisor, school board members, a village trustee, and a nominee for President of the United States. Sure, it would be easier to just stay home. Very few of the candidates […]

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Where’s the Diversity?

My family and I are relatively new to Milwaukee.  My husband, two children and I moved here from Chicago last May to be exact.  I’m a very happy city dweller who loves the sights and sounds provided by city living.   I have always loved the idea of raising my children with an appreciation of diverse […]

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Identical or Fraternal? :: The Great Twin Debate

As any new parent can attest, taking an adorable mini-human into public is basically making yourself a magnet for questions and comments: “Awww! How old is she?” “Is he a good sleeper?” “Look at all that hair!!” Take twins (or triplets, I’m sure!) into public and you may as well schedule in an additional 20 minutes […]

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