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Seeing Your Own Beauty

What if the reflection in the mirror is a stranger to you? That image smiling back is not how you see yourself. I’ve been struggling lately with this. Sometimes we get so critical of ourselves that we can’t see our true beauty. At our last team photo shoot, I was lucky enough to have my […]

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The Resolution

The Resolution Revolution

I’m done making New Year’s Resolutions. There, I said it. I’m done making a grandiose list of (very specific) things I want to complete in 365 days’ time. Whether it is reading a certain amount of books, losing XYZ number of pounds or saving a predetermined amount of money — I am done. I am […]

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72 Hours Alone: Tales of My “Mom-cation”

He kissed me goodbye, looked me square in the eye, and said: Promise me you will be good to yourself? And limit the TV bingeing, okay? Off they went, 2/3 of my team, my everything, embarking upon their first daddy-daughter trip.  I stood in the street waving elated by the thought of “me time”, of […]

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