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Through the month of November, our writing team is pleased to highlight the numerous resources and organizations they are passionate about, in an effort to celebrate a season of thankfulness and inspire our readers to find an opportunity to give back to the community around us. 

Hunger Task Force

What mama hasn’t had the stress of “what’s for dinner” on her to do list? None! Fortunately, most times this question references a struggle with all the options available vs. if we can afford to feed our children. Not all mamas are so lucky.

Hunger Task Force LogoFor that reason, I give to Hunger Task Force here in Milwaukee. Hunger Task Force provides a safety net of emergency food to a network of food pantries and meal programs in our area. They are the only food bank in Milwaukee that does not charge for food, delivery or network membership. Staying true to their roots, they also advocate for social policies and strong nutrition programs that fight future hunger.

There are several ways you can give to this organization this holiday season.

If you would like to donate food, be on the lookout for their blue Food for Families food drive boxes at grocery stores in the area. While you are doing your grocery shopping, pick up a few extra jars of tomato sauce or peanut butter and put them in the box. Easy peasy since you’re already there.

When you are thinking about what to buy, consider their new preferred food items list based on the government’s MyPlate program. I never even thought about products like salsa or olive oil, but we need to help these mamas make a dinner that is not only nutritious, but appetizing to their kiddos. Extra delicious flavors that are also healthy are just what they need.Hunger Task Force Preferred Food Items

If you’d like to contribute more, consider hosting one of these boxes at your office, school, congregation or business. Simply contact Hunger Task Force for more information.

If you don’t want to get the box, but do have a bunch of food, they always welcome donations of any sort at their offices at 201 S. Hawley Court, just off I-94 between Wisconsin State Fair and Miller Park. Here you can donate shelf stable products, money, or fresh ingredients.

That’s right – they take fresh ingredients, too! Milk, cheese, and produce are always welcomed!

Finally, quite possibly the easiest and most impactful option is to simply give money. The good folks at Hunger Task Force are buying in bulk and take the time to find the best deals, so they often can stretch a cash donation much further than you would be able to do at the grocery store yourself. Also, this way they are able to fill in the gaps of what has already come in.

Thank you for considering this worthwhile organization!

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