4 Tips to Prepare for 4K

4 Tips to Prepare

I woke up early the other morning (on purpose) just to sneak into my daughter’s room to watch her sleep. I swear, as I stood there, I could see her growing. Growing into a little person with big dreams and wild ideas; it makes my heart so full.

Yara Goes To 4K

First Day!

Soon she will be heading off to 4K. We are fortunate that the transition will be from one classroom to another— we don’t need to switch to a different school just yet. But beginning 4K will be a change and it’s one that needs preparation from the parents and the kids.

Change is something that is not welcome in my home. My daughter and I both need to know The Plan before The Change happens. Without a plan of action, nervous meltdowns are bound to happen. So, with 4K right around the corner, we have spent our summer preparing for the fun school year ahead! 

4 Tips For Preparing for 4K

Use Visual Aids

My daughter is a visual learner, like a lot of young children are. The concept of days isn’t something she can fully grasp without seeing it on a calendar. So, I worked with her to make a color coded calendar of her schedule so she can see what day is when and what’s happening each day. We also have a star chart that tracks her chores and routine. Both visual aids are a big help for giving her the independence to keep track of her own schedule. 

Let Them Pick Out Supplies

Supply shopping is one of my favorite things! Maybe it’s the writer in me that loves the fresh notebooks and full pens of ink, but I digress… 

Backpacks for 4KLetting the student (oh my heart, she is going to be a student!) pick out supplies gets them excited for the upcoming year. Even though 4K isn’t as involved as the supplies for other grades, it is still important. We went on a special date to pick up a new school backpack and topped it off with Starbucks. At home, we made a spot in her room to hang up her bag and coat. 


Host Mini-School 

Mini-School isn’t not a bad as it sounds. Part of our daily routine is doing learning activities such as writing practice and “spot the difference” games.. For every completed activity, she gets two stickers, one on the page and one on her shirt. If she has a good attitude throughout the time we are doing learning activities, she gets a big star added to her chart. 

Indulge the Questions

School can be scary, it’s an unknown and there are bound to be questions. A LOT of questions ALL the time. But, I’ve made it a point to answer every question because that’s one of the best ways to eliminate any fear. Another way of answering the questions is through books. The back to school reading material is endless! Our favorite book to read is Tom Goes To Kindergarten. It’s about a little bear and his family preparing for the first day of school.  

How do you help your kids prepare for the first day of school?

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