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teacher gifts

Winter break is fast approaching, and with it, the annual scramble to find gifts for all the people in our lives. This is my son’s first year in school, and because I am “That Mom” — I’m the room mom. This led me down the Pinterest rabbit hole in a desperate search to find the perfect gift.

Here are my favorite ideas for quick teacher gifts:

Useful gifts:

Keep them warm: For the teachers with outside duty, it gets awfully cold these days. A box of hot hands and a coffee mug with a card of “WARM wishes” is sure to be appreciated.

Keep them stocked: If your children’s schools are anything like the schools I worked in, chances are the teachers are buying a lot of supplies out of their own pockets. Ask your child to do some recon: Buy their supplies, so they can save their hard-earned money for themselves.

Yummy Treats:

I, personally, am a big fan of mason jar treats. When I was a teacher, I would get so many treats in the last week before break that I couldn’t eat them all. Mason jar mixes give the recipient a chance to have something yummy and homemade, but on their schedule. Put a cute piece of fabric over the top, tie a tag with directions on it, and you’re good to go! Other small things, like mixing spoons, can make it perfect. (My son’s TA loves squirrels, so I will be adding a squirrel cookie cutter to hers.) You can also give the gift of a Movie Night! Try a bag or tin of popcorn along with a Redbox code to give your favorite teacher a well-deserved night off. 

Gift Cards:

For the mom that’s short on time, gift cards are a lifesaver. Here are some cute phrases you can use with some popular gift cards:

  • Coffee: “Thanks a LATTE for all you do!” or “So glad you’re my TEAcher!”
  • Donuts: “I DONUT what I would do without you!”
  • Target: “Thanks for keeping me on target!”
  • Michael’s/JoAnn/Hobby Lobby: “Thanks for CRAFTING such a great student!”
  • Office supplies: “OFFICE-ially my favorite teacher!”

Gifts from the heart:

If you know your child’s teacher has a cause that is near and dear to their heart, consider donating in their name. If your teacher has a lot of work to do, consider offering “gift certificates” to help with grading, making photocopies, or cutting out the supplies for an art project. The gift of your time is irreplaceable.

Finally, include a handmade card from your child. It gets them involved in the spirit of giving and shows your teacher that they care.

Happy Holidays!

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