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Trust Issues With The Tooth Fairy?

I Have Them.

We all know the myths floating around about your child’s visit to the dentist. They’re going to cry! It’s going to be super expensive! Can’t this wait until they’re older?

In reality, it’s not the kids that do the worrying–it’s the parents. So it’s my job as a local dentist to make sure that loose change doesn’t make it under the pillow too early in your child’s life.

honest teeth dentistrySo what’s the big deal about baby teeth?

As a parent, you have enough to worry about, from buying groceries before dinner, to making play dates, to checking in on how the Badgers or Packers are doing.

But when the CDC reports that nearly 25% of all children age 2 to 5 have cavities, that’s a lot of achy teeth. And if left untreated, even a small baby tooth can cause big problems.

Poor speech development. Abnormal chewing habits. A crooked or misaligned smile. You may not think twice about it, until one day when you find yourself ponying up the big bucks for braces or complex orthodontic work. And by then, adult teeth are in and it’s too late to ask the Tooth Fairy for a refund.

5 Ways To Send The Tooth Fairy Packing:

Don’t miss the most formative years of your baby’s dental health. Even at six months or a year old (about when the first tooth appears) you can make the biggest difference in keeping them smiling.

First Tooth? First Dental Visit.

I know it sounds crazy, but as soon as your baby’s first tooth sees the world, so do all the juice boxes, sweet treats… and the potential for cavities. Even if you’re the one working up the courage to see the dentist, see this as your chance to help your child become a smiling superstar and feel good about their checkups.

Are Two Or More Teeth Touching? It’s Time To Floss!

You’d be surprised how much a tiny, waxy string can do to save you time, money and health. If you only have two teeth to floss, it takes just a second!

baby teethUntil Year Three, Look Out For Baby Teeth

Your child may be three years old when all 20 primary teeth finish coming in. Brush them gently twice a day using a grain of rice sized drop of fluoride toothpaste and a fun-colored, child-sized brush.

Beware the Bottomless Bottle

Feeding your little one. Just when you think you have it down, and then your dentist tells you otherwise! Bottles before bed are one of the biggest culprit of cavities for babies. Even milk before bed can sit in the mouth around the teeth and cause decay and cavities.

Reducing how often your child goes to bed with a bottle, or ideally replacing juice or milk with water, can help protect the teeth through the night to support a healthier, happier smile.

Teamwork Doesn’t Stop At Five.

Even if your child is old enough to walk, talk and tie their shoes on their own, they’ll still look to you as a role model. Brushing and flossing together is a good time to make a few funny faces together and keep those pearly-whites feeling nice. Incorporate imaginative play into brushing time to make it even more special! I don’t think I’m old enough yet to give up on the magic of imagination: after all, I see it every day. It might be a child fighting plaque monsters with a toothbrush or it might be as simple as holding a parent’s hand.

It’s the little things we do, every day, that keep our community smiling — and the Tooth Fairy at bay until the proper time. And with that, I’ll say that the Tooth Fairy and I have a good relationship going, so long as we both get to look after baby teeth. 

– Dr. Max, Honest Teeth in Elm Grove

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