A Letter to My Mommy, from a New Big Sister

Big Sister

Author’s Note: Last year I wrote a letter to my (at the time, only) daughter right before her little sister came on the scene. It took a year to get a response. I think she wanted to carefully craft a message and, you know, learn her alphabet, words, and how to write and stuff. But here we go.

Dear Mommy,

Last year you were worried that we weren’t going to have fun anymore. You thought you’d always be yelling at me to be quiet and to keep my hands off the baby. Well, those two things came true when Sister came around, but….

Mommy, being a big sister is the coolest!!

Back on that Sunday last May, I wondered why Aunt R came to pick me up so early on a Sunday morning. I got to play with my cousins and see Memaw and Papaw though, so it turned into a fun surprise. Even more fun – I got to visit you in the hospital! That was my first time in a hospital. I was a little nervous, but once we got to your room and I looked into the tiny, blanket-wrapped bundle Daddy was holding, I thought it was the best place ever. A hospital is where you go to get a sister, right?!

I really like having a little sister.

There were a few weird weeks when I spent the majority of the time with Daddy. You and Sister were glued to each other when she was hungry (all the time!) and you both slept at weird times. I once heard you muttering words to her like “I resent you, little one, for keeping me from your big sister.” It’s okay mommy – it was fun to have special time one-on-one with daddy!

The first month was crazy – we had so many visitors and we went many places. I always introduced “my baby C” like the proud older sister I was (and am!). After a few months, you started your new business and Sister joined me at daycare. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, I got to play with her every day of the week!

As we got into a routine, I kept trying to help. Really, mommy! I stuffed the pacifier in Sister’s face really hard because she just didn’t know that she wanted it. I gave her BIG, squeezy hugs because I just love her so much. I push her onto her toys because she might otherwise miss them. I eat her Cheerios so she doesn’t have to and I splash her in the bathtub to help Daddy give her a bath. I’m such a great helper!

In all seriousness, though Mommy, thank you. I didn’t realize I could love anything as much as I love My Baby C. I light up in ways I hadn’t before her arrival when I see her. Making her smile makes me smile even bigger. I love cheering her on as she learns new things and I love simply hanging out with her.

While I’m afraid you were right in that we don’t get as much time together, I really do enjoy our lady dates, both one-on-one and when the three of us go on an adventure. I’m getting bigger and can really talk now, so I’m in a fun place, too. Your life is pretty cool, Mommy.

Thank you so much for My Baby C. I can tell already that we are going to be best friends. We’ve already got completely different personalities, but I think she will be my confidant, my cheerleader, and my snack time pal throughout my whole life. Be jealous, Mommy. This sister business is pretty darn cool.


Your Eggroll (The BIG Sister!)

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