Organize Your Child’s Room in 3 Easy Steps {GIVEAWAY!}

Disclosure: This post is sponosored by Nouveau Neat, a Milwaukee area organizing service. All commentary is our own. 

The other day, I walked by my boys’ room and I did an actual double-take at how messy it was. In an instant, I turned on Mom Voice and demanded they get their little tushies in there and clean it up. While I finished all the morning preparations in the kitchen, the boys spent a solid 15 minutes in their room before declaring it “Done.”


Whatever, dudes. I sat there in defeat, torn between a desire to want to teach my kids to be organized and tidy and the urge to just do it myself and make sure it was done right. In the end, I opted to close the door behind me and pour another cup of coffee. 

Getting organized can be intimidating with kids! There’s all the stuff in their rooms, all the papers on the counter, all the random single socks that seem to show up everywhere all the freaking time. Seriously, I found a solo sock on the window sill once. So, when Brianna from Nouveau Neat shared these simple tips for organizing a kid’s room, I was all ears!


A well-organized children’s room can create structure for kids and bring you peace of mind. Whether you need to sort through clothes, shoes, or toys, there are 3 easy steps you can follow to achieve and maintain a clean room. 

  1. Cleanse

The first step is often the hardest, but makes the biggest difference. This is kind of like Demo Day on a house renovation where you make an enormous mess before it can start to look better. Before organizing, you need to go through all of items and decide what you want to keep, donate, and throw out. Here’s the key – it is okay to get rid of a LOT of stuff. 

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Clothes and Shoes: Empty out the drawers, closets, and wardrobe!

  • Items that have been outgrown, but are still in good condition can be donated. Have younger kids waiting in line? Fold outgrown items neatly and store them in large plastic bins, labelled clearly with the sizes to await the next recipient.
  • Items that are stained, worn, or torn should be thrown out.
  • Items that fit and are in good condition can be kept.


Toys: Pile up the games, dolls, and LEGOs!

  • Duplicate toys should be donated or kept at grandparent’s house.
  • Toys that are broken or missing many pieces should be thrown out. 
  • Toys that your child uses regularly can be kept, but only if it has a “home.”

Don’t cling to every item that brings back a sentimental memory of your child or a particular time. Objects are just objects; they are not the memories associated with them.

  1. Categorize

Whew! Now that all the clutter is gone, it’s time to sort and categorize everything you are keeping. Involve the children in steps 2 and 3 if you’d like. It will help them learn basic organizing skills and help them remember where everything should go.

  • Sort these by type: shorts with shorts, tops with tops, etc.
  • Smaller items should be hung versus folded to avoid things getting bulky.
  • Special occasion suits and dresses, as well as uniforms should be separated from the rest of the clothing.



  • Sort these by type: sneakers with sneakers, sandals with sandals, etc.


  • Sort these by type and size: Dolls with dolls, LEGOs with LEGOs, etc.


  1. Convenience

You’re almost done! Everything is grouped together and in its designated spot. Now, you want to ensure all of your hard work can be maintained. How and where you put items is one of the most important aspects of organizing.


  • Install double-rods in the closet to maximize the space of any closet. If your children are younger, hang up regularly worn items on the bottom rod where they’re reachable, and out-of-season, rarely worn items on the top rod.
  • Hang up sweaters next to sweaters, place jeans on top of jeans, put undergarments in drawer “A”, etc. Drawer organizers are super-cute and make it easy to keep drawers from getting out of control. 
  • Have a designated hamper for dirty laundry.



  • If your child wears a particular pair of shoes every day, consider placing them in your mud room if you have a designated place for shoes.
  • A shoe cubby or shoe rack creates a designated place for shoes. This will make it easy for kids to find their shoes and put them away.



  • This is where labels and containers become important: See-through plastic drawers are my go-to because they are easy for children to open and close. But lidded containers are fine too!
  • Get rid of cardboard boxes! Store LEGOs, crayons, and blocks in containers. And you know the assembly instructions that come with every LEGO set and how easily they can clutter up a room? You can find building instructions for all LEGO sets online so you can get rid of those booklets without fear!
  • Store smaller items like doll accessories in labeled see-through drawers.
  • Place paint, Play-Doh, and anything messy on a high shelf.


Your little one’s room is spotless, but how can you ensure it stays that way? Consistency is key. Once a month, go through and cleanse your child’s room of clothes and shoes they no longer wear, and rid of toys that lack their luster. Limit the amount of new items you purchase by buying new items only when necessary (i.e.; the start of a new seasons, for school, on holidays, etc.). Utilizing the organizing tools in this guide and maintaining consistent organizing habits will help keep your child’s room organized long-term.

Still struggling to wrangle the mess and get organized? Contact Brianna at Nouveau Neat to see how her professional expertise can help bring order in a way that combines design and organization to meet your needs.


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  1. Carrie J. April 11, 2016 at 3:52 am #

    Great article! I’d love some help on organizing my daughters’ room! Thank you for entering my name into the contest. 🙂

    • Brianna June 27, 2016 at 8:03 am #

      Hi Carrie,

      Even though you didn’t win the giveaway, I’d love to help you organize your daughters room! Please visit my website for more information and to contact me! 🙂

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