The Quick Craft Beer Gift Guide for Brew City Dads

Guess what! Father’s Day is coming up this weekend! If the dad in your life is tired of receiving the same gifts for Father’s Day year after year, we are excited to bring you some quick gift ideas for the Milwaukee Dad who is down with with the numerous craft brews our city and beyond have to offer.

We’ve paired just a few of our favorite craft beers with local gift ideas that will blow ties and socks out of the water. Just think, he’ll go to work the following Monday and get to brag how awesome his wife (or daughter) is, giving you the proper craft cred that you deserve! Plus, maybe he’ll get the hint next year that you’d love him to stock your wine bar for Mother’s Day — am I right ladies?

Here are our top six picks for Craft Beer Gift Sets for the Brew City Dad

Image Credit: @newbelgium_chicago
Image Credit: @newbelgium_chicago

New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA with 414 Pint Glasses by Jenny Kyle Smith

Blogger Note: “Perfect side-kick for a relaxing Sunday outside on the patio!” 
If He Likes: Crisp, Clean, Juicy, Tangerine, Fruity, Tropical, Hops
Alcohol By Volume (ABV%): 6.0%
Food Pairing:
 Juicy Grilled Burger

Suggested Retail Price: Around $14.99 a six-pack.
Where To Buy: Groppi’s and/or Discount Liquor
Gift Pairing: Wisconsin & 414 Pint Glasses sold locally at The Waxwing ($10 each & 10% of each sale goes to support local charities).

The Waxwing has so many awesome goods for your beer-loving dad to enjoy!

Lakefront IPA with Square One Soapworks Beard Oil

Blogger Note: “Every sip is so refreshing!”
If He Likes: Citrus, Hops, Full Body, Smooth, Crisp, Nod to Grapefruit
Alcohol By Volume (ABV%): 6.6%
Food Pairing:
 Pad Thai with Grilled Steak Strips (yum!)

Suggested Retail Price: Around $10.00 a six-pack.
Where To Buy: Otto’s & Sendik’s
Gift Pairing:
 Hops Beard Oil by Square One Soapworks (Clean-shaven guy? Try the Beer Flight Soap Set!)

Lakefront IPA
moon man

New Glarus Moon Man with Drink Wisconsibly T-shirt

Blogger Note: “A seriously cool cat, smooth but not flashy, plus… check out the food pairing!!”
If He Likes: Bright, Bold, Smooth Malt, Hops
Alcohol By Volume (ABV%): 5.0%
Food Pairing:
 One Word: PIZZA! (Ever tried, GRILLED PIZZA.. yes, its a thing!)

Suggested Retail Price: Around $8.00 a six-pack.
Where To Buy: Discount Liquor and/or Outpost
Gift Pairing: Drink Wisconsinbly t-shirt (20% off code for Father’s Day: DADDRINKS)

Brenner Brewing Butterfly Farts with Great Lakes Distillery Tour

Blogger Note: “It’s an amazing beer.. with an amazing name!”
If He Likes: Light, Easy, Lemon Zest, Coriander, Crisp, Dry, Semi-Sweet, Hops
Alcohol By Volume (ABV%): 4.50%
Food Pairing:
 Grilled Pork Tenderloin

Suggested Retail Price: Around $10.99 a six-pack.
Where To Buy: Whole Foods, Woodman’s, and/or Outpost
Gift Pairing: Great Lakes Distillery Tour Gift Certificate & Tasting ($7)
Where crass meets class! Balance out a gift of beer with a booty on the label with a tasting of fine spirits! The tour and atmosphere are always loads of fun at Great Lakes Distillery.

(Image Credit: @mke_kitty)
(Image Credit: @mke_kitty)
(Image Credit: @wellhausen89)
(Image Credit: @wellhausen89)
(Photo Credit: @patricemj)
(Photo Credit: @patricemj)
Image Credit ::
Image Credit ::

Hinterland Nitro Luna Coffee Stout with Pub Pass

Bloggers Note:Who doesn’t love a combo of beer, coffee and chocolate? Hello!?” 
If He Likes: Coffee, Chocolate, Dark, Rich, Roasted
Alcohol By Volume (ABV%):  5.8%
Food Pairing:
 Late Night Donuts (Enough said!)

Suggested Retail Price: Around $10.99 a four-pack 16oz.
Where To Buy: Discount Liquor 
Gift Pairing: Pub Pass ($25) – Visit local, participating bars and get a free draft at each bar!

Sprecher Black Bavarian with Tactile Craftworks Flask

Blogger’s Note: “Another dark option, for the man who likes to put hair on his chest”
If He Likes: Malt, Coffee, Carmel, Smooth & Creamy
Alcohol By Volume (ABV%): 5.86%
Food Pairing:
 Juicy Grilled Burger
Suggested Retail Price: Around $9.99 a six-pack.
Where To Buy: Outpost and/or Otto’s
Gift Pairing: Flask by Tactile Craftworks ($45 each) sold at The Waxwing
Every Milwaukee man needs a locally crafted flask he’s proud of!

(Image Credit: @eric_weizen)
(Image Credit: @eric_weizen)
13346181_1113995518623445_5679377935965699603_o (1)

Most of these delicious local brews can be purchased at a store near you. The above linked locations are merely a suggestion and many of them can be found at multiple locations. We suggest calling ahead to guarantee they have your beer or gift, especially if time is of the essence for you! 

Cheers and Happy Father’s Day!

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