Fantastic Eats and Where to Find Them at the Wisconsin State Fair

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Wisconsin State Fair FoodThere’s so much to love about the Wisconsin State Fair, the best 11 days of every summer in the entire state! It’s no secret that we love the fair around here. Check out our Family Guide to the Wisconsin State Fair for the inside scoop on all the activities, hot-spots and timeless classics. But if we’re being honest, I think we can all agree on who the real star of the show is…..


We can’t possibly be the only ones who look forward to wandering through the fair streets with our eyes peeled for juuuuust the right thing to satisfy our cravings. Whether it’s food on a stick, something wild and crazy, a craft beer or a refreshing treat, be ready to work your way through more than 200 stops serving up allthethings! In fact, the Wisconsin State Fair even holds a competition each year to award the highly-coveted Sporkie award to the best, most unique food at the fair. 

To cover all the amazing options would take a post of epic-proportions, so we are going to cover the can’t miss creations, the Sporkie finalists, the new kids on the block, and our MKE Moms Blog Team Picks for Fair Fare! 

In addition to the staples of the roasted corn on-the-cob and cheese curds, there are several foods that are essential to your fair survival. These are the timeless classics, the solid staples, the favorite song you can’t get enough of. 

Klement’s Famous Racing Sausages Corn Dog – A corn dog is about as classic as fair food comes. Here in Milwaukee, we kick it up a notch by featuring the famous Klement’s Racing Sausages we have come to know and love from every home Brewers game. Up for a challenge? Hit up Super Dog for the famous 18-inch corn dog! 

Original Cream Puff – One does not simply buy ONE Original Cream Puff. Spring for the 6-pack and never look back. Did you know there is a Cream Puff Drive-Thru? Yup, you can order your favorite fair treat 24 hours in advance and swing by to pick them up from 6 to 8 am inside Gate 6. But sometimes half the fun is waiting in line at the Original Cream Puff Pavilion and watching the famous pastry chefs create these delectable delights right in front of your eyes! 

Milwaukee Bucks Milk House – Make sure you meander over near the Expo Building to check out the new flavors at the Milk House! Kids always love the Root Beer flavor milk, but there always seems to be a new, surprising flavor for you to sample. The line moves quick and this is a great stop for families with small kids! And don’t forget to grab a photo with Bango!

Baked Potato – There is no rule that says you can’t have a loaded baked potato for breakfast! Head in to Derynda’s Dairy Lane and load that Wisconsin spud up with all the fixin’s! 

Some of these concoctions are just crazy enough to be awesome. You be the judge and see if you can pick the 2017 Sporkies Champion! 

Budweiser Pavilion Triple Threat: A tower of sliders….on a stick. The Budweiser Pavilion Triple Threat includes 3 savory sliders – one Smoked Jalapeno, Bacon and Cheddar Brat Slider, one Budweiser BBQ Pulled Pork Slider, and one Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger Slider – stacked and skewered. I can’t even. Found at the Budweiser Pavilion. 

Buffalo Mac & Cheese Quesadilla: A quesadilla grilled to golden brown and stuffed with shredded buffalo chicken, queso mac & cheese, bacon and crushed Doritos. Served with jalapenos and a side of blue cream cheese. Found at Mexican Grill. 

Chocomela Nachos: Hold the queso and bring on the sweetness with Chocomela Nachos! Enjoy homemade cinnamon sugar tortilla chips are made to delightfully dip in salted caramel and milk chocolate gelato classics. Topped off with whipped cream sweet chocolate coating, and a salty peanut sauce with peanut pieces. Found at La Coppa Artisan Gelato.

Deep-Fried Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bites: Tender morsels of grilled cheese bites deep fried to perfection and served with a creamy tomato dipping sauce. Found at Tropics at the Fair. 

Great Balls of Fire Sandwich: A sandwich that explodes with so many flavors of spicy Hungarian sausage, garlic sour cream sauce, stuffing balls, pulled pork and creamy coleslaw. Found at Rupena’s. 

Monkey BusinessYou’ll go bananas for our caramelized banana burrito! Stuffed with house-made bacon jam and creamy peanut butter, then deep fried, drizzled with Wisconsin honey, and finished with a sprinkle of chipotle cinnamon sugar – this funky monkey means business! Found at Saz’s BBQ.

Spaghetti & Meatballs Mozzarella Sticks: Albanese’s famous spaghetti & meatballs wrapped in a wonton with mozzarella and fried to golden goodness. Served with Albanese’s famous red sauce. Found at Albanese’s Roadhouse. 

Three Little Pigs Ravioli: Completely noodleless, handmade bacon ravioli stuffed with 3 different styles of pork! 6 slices of handwoven bacon stuffed with homemade bourbon bacon jam, house smoked pulled pork shoulder, and pancetta. Complemented by cream cheese, Wisconsin smoked gouda, scallions, onion and brown sugar. Served with homemade cherry bourbon bacon BBQ jam. Found at Brew City.


You can find the whole list of brand new fair foods RIGHT HERE, but these creations really have piqued our interest: 

All American Grilled Breakfast Sandwich: Dieters, avert your eyes. This sandwich takes the best of your favorite day-starting sammy (eggs, bacon, cheese) and puts it between two hash brown patties. OMG yum. Find it at Siggy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese. 

Cricket Nachos: What the what now? The State Fair website describes these as having “all the flavor of regular nachos but are high in protein and gluten free! ” So, they are bugs. On chips. With cheese. But they sound sort of healthy, so we’re down!! Found at All Things Jerky.

INSIDER TIP :: There’s a good chance someone from the MKE Moms Blog Team will be trying these LIVE on Facebook on August 8th! You’re gonna want to join us for that fun!! 

Sangria On-a-StickSay no more. Sold. Found at Leadfoots Race Bare & Grill.

Unicorn TwinkieA deep fried Twinkie with cotton candy filling and topped with glitter. Can’t make this up! Found at 3B Smores.

Again, there are SO MANY more amazing foods to try!!

Insider Tip: Check out Crazy Grazin’ Day at the Fair. On August 8th, you can sample a variety of Fair foods from more than 50 food vendors who offer smaller sizes of your favorite items at reduced pricesCheck out the lineup to make your plan of attack! 

The best way to keep from over-indulging in all the fun fair food is to come to Crazy Grazin’ Day on August 8th where more than 50 food vendors will have smaller portions of their menu options and a reduced price. It’s a fantastic opportunity to sample a lot of great food while not totally busting the belt loops! 

Galway Chicken Salad (GF) — All white meat chicken, celery, onions, nuts, and grapes served on top of mixed greens with a side of ranch. Found at Slimm McGinn’s Irish Pub.

Buffalo Mozzarella Salad – Think it’s impossible to stick to healthy at the fair? Think again! Head over to Lagniappe Brasserie for an organic Buffalo Mozzarella Salad with heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers. 

Roasted Corn on the Cob (GF) — Skip the butter bath to cut the fat and you’ve got yourself a yummy fair classic. 

Sugar-Free Ice Cream (GF) – Guilt-free indulgence at the Got Milk? vendor!

Baked Potato (GF) – Dress it up with all the fixin’s or keep it simple to cut back the calories.

Check out THIS LIST of Gluten-Friendly options at the fair! 

We asked our team of moms to look over the food list this year and tell us what they were most excited about and boy, did they deliver! Can’t wait to sink our teeth into these amazing Fair Foods!! 

Black Pepper Bacon Dipped in Maple Syrup: A little sugar, a little spice and…..BACON. You can’t go wrong with black pepper bacon dipped in maple syrup at Big Sky Country Yum!

Beer-Battered Bacon-Wrapped Cheddar Sausage On-a-Stick: Bacon + Sausage + Cheese….. Wisconsin on a stick! Enough said. Stop by Apollo’s for their  Beer-Battered Bacon-Wrapped Cheddar Sausage On-a-Stick

Apple Pie Nachos: You love apple pie. You love nachos. And now you can love them together! This could be dangerous! Stop by Jayme’s Chipstix for their new Apple Pie Nachos!

Sangria On-a-Stick: Yup, this is a popular one! The only thing better than drinking sangria is enjoying it frozen on a stick at Leadfoots Bar & Grill

Deep-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Olives On-a-Stick: Olives! Bacon! It’s a salt lover’s dream come true with these cream cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped, deep fried olives on a stick. 

Caramel Macchiato Gelato: Coffee addict? Of course you are, you’re a mom! Hit up La Coppa Artisan Gelato when you need your caffeine fix. 

Chocolate Cruller on a Stick: Chocolate Cruller on-a-stick from Lehmann’s Bakery is always my go-to First Food of my state fair morning. Sure, it’s a regular chocolate cruller…on a stick. But c’mon, it’s State Fair! It’s more fun that way!

Maple Cotton Candy: Cotton Candy may be a state fair staple across the country, but WI Pure Maple Syrup sweetens the deal and helps prove why the Wisconsin State Fair is the best!

wisconsin state fair food

There you have it! Just a few of the fun foods for families to enjoy at the Wisconsin State Fair! And of course, be sure to show us your favorites on Instagram and Twitter! Tag us at @mkemomsblog with #MKEmomsAtTheFair! We’re even having an Instagram contest to make things even more fun!  

And for a complete family guide to all things Wisconsin State Fair, be sure to check out our whole guide

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