A Milwaukee Weekend Staycation Guide

Milwaukee Weekend

Our city is full of wonderful food, people and unique things to do. If you’re planning a girls’ weekend in Milwaukee (and you totally should!) – here are a few places to dine and drink. 

A few weeks ago I was reunited with my five college girlfriends for a weekend of fun in Milwaukee. We’ve been together for weddings, baby showers and family get-togethers but this was the first “just because” weekend – and it was worth every moment and dollar.  

We made a commitment to each other to make this happen. Calendars were adjusted and some grandparents were called-in. For most of us, it was a staycation – this was helpful logistically and financially. We had a low-key Friday evening spending the night at our girlfriend’s new (to them) house in Mequon. It was wonderful to get into comfy clothes and pick up where we left off almost ten years ago in our big, drafty messy house in Eau Claire. On Saturday, we had a pretty full schedule – but we made sure the schedule was flexible and allowed for downtime.

Here’s a snapshot of our Saturday and Sunday in the city – along with some alternate suggestions. 

Pedicures at Polished

  • Pedicures at Polished Nail Bar — We liked this spot because we could bring in champagne and it has a fun lively atmosphere. 
    • If you want to get fancy, head down to Neroli Salon & Spa for a few spa treatments 
    • If you want to go low-key, manicures at home or at the Aveda school 
  • Lunch at Trocadero — Again we liked this spot for the atmosphere and ability to get a light lunch or brunch. If you’re in the mood for a Bloody Mary – get the Frenchie!  

Enjoying the wonderful work of MKE Brewing Co!

Enjoying the wonderful work of MKE Brewing Co!

  • Sampled brews at Milwaukee Brewing Co. — The unexpected highlight of the weekend. Our friend group is comprised of beer lovers and beer-tolerant and we all had a blast. Tour guides were authentic and passionate and the vibe was really relaxed.  
    • If you want to get fancy – Take a ride on the Pedal Tavern (not fancy but a bit more expensive than a brewery tour – and a great way to see the city)!  
    • If you want to go low-key – Visit a local bar or brewery and try one of the many amazing Milwaukee-made brews. (Miller, Sprecher, Brenner, Lakefront, Enlightened, Big Head Brewery and many more). An impromptu Pedal Tavern photo

An impromptu Pedal Tavern photo

  •  Grabbed coffees at Colectivo 
    Does Milwaukee have more coffee roasters than the average city? If not, we certainly have many quality roasters. Again, we have a mix of coffee lovers and those who magically function without it. Those folks grabbed a tea or smoothie while the rest of us debated “How much was too much caffeine after 3:00 pm?” 
  • Had a blast at the Iron Horse Hotel  — The big treat of the weekend! Iron Horse has threads of what makes Milwaukee, Milwaukee. Nods to Harley Davidson, Cream City Brick, fantastic food and exceptional service. All six of us moms were literally “ohhing and ahhing” over the details and squealed with delight when we were greeted with complimentary Moscow Mules upon check-in. 
  • Put on some heels and enjoy a kid-free dinner at Black Sheep 
    • If you want to get fancy – Bacchus is a great choice!  
    • If you want to go low key – Milwaukee has some great late-night dining spots like Real Chili 

The weekend was full of indulgent meals, much-needed relaxation, laughing and reminiscing. These weekends (or hours) with girlfriends are so important to our well-being as mothers. I came home with a bounce in my step and an internal brightness. That may sound a bit dramatic but honestly, I was still nursing at the time and this break away from the normal routine did wonders. 

Schedule some time with your closest friends. Commit to one another and yourself. Turn-off the mom brain, stop puttering around the house. Relax and enjoy time with each other and our wonderful city! 

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