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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by NessAlla Kombucha. All opinions are our own and we enjoy sharing our experiences with new local brands and products. 

I tend to be a little slow on the uptake. 2016 was nearly at a close before I discovered Hamilton and it was only a couple months ago that I started wearing leggings as pants. So it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise that I was pretty late to board the Kombucha Train too. 

NessAlla Kombucha

What is Kombucha? 

At one point, I honestly thought kombucha was another one if these goofy health crazes that people wearing pants cinched with hemp rope were brewing in their basements. While there are many home-brewing kombucha enthusiasts out there, I’m pretty sure the hemp rope is optional. As it turns out, kombucha is a pretty simple concept with huge benefits. It is a tea-based drink that is produced by fermenting sweet tea with a culture of yeast and bacteria. kombucha is brewed (or fermented) over a course of 7-31 days. The final product is naturally carbonated, making this effervescent drink. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit like a science experiment where somebody suddenly thought, “I wonder how this would taste if I drank it!” but as it turns out….it’s pretty good! 

NessAlla Kombucha

We’re all about local around these parts. So, when our friends from up I-94 reached out about having us give their “booch” a try, I figured this was a great opportunity to give these fermented tea craze a try and also support a local business at the same time. Meet NessAlla Kombucha

NessAlla Kombucha

A few things you need to know…..

  • The flavors are brewed using fair-trade and organic ingredients, including custom flavor blends from  Milwaukee’s Rishi Tea.
  • The tea is brewed using reverse osmosis purified water and eco-friendly, on-demand boilers.
  • NessAlla ships to the Milwaukee area weekly, and only brews to demand, to ensure that the kombucha is always fresh.
  • The most popular flavor is Lemongrass Ginger, but kids seem to love Raspberry the best.
  • Contrary to rumor, kombucha is NOT alcoholic — NessAlla Kombucha has about the same alcoholic content as orange juice
  • NessAlla was founded by Vanessa Tortolano and Alla Shapiro. They have perfected their recipes over years of experimentation. Tortolano and Shapiro are also trained herbalists who use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and release seasonal flavors that celebrate the Wisconsin environment. 

My Honest Opinion

I was skeptical about if even I was going to like this stuff, let alone my kids. But, when I brought home my sampling of NessAlla Kombucha flavors and saw names like Juniper Rose, Mango Tumeric, Raspberry and Hibiscus Ginger Cardamom (try saying that ten times fast), I became much more optimistic. And it turns out…..I LOVED IT. The Juniper Rose is probably by favorite because it’s sweet without being overly so and my kids really liked the Raspberry and Peach Blush. It was lightly fizzy and it was delightfully energizing. 

Where To Get Your Booch

NessAlla Kombucha is available at numerous retail locations all over the greater Milwaukee area, including Sendik’s Markets, Good Harvest, Woodmans and more. Check out the website to find the location nearest you to get your fix! 

Enter to Win NessAlla Kombucha Swag!

We’re thrilled to be giving away a NessAlla Kombucha prize package for one lucky reader that includes ::

1 super-soft NessAlla t-shirt – retail value $20
1 25 oz double wall vacuum insulated thermal water bottle – retail value $20
1 super cool NessAlla trucker hat – retail value $15

Plus, a tour of the NessAlla Kombucha brewery so you can try it for yourself! 


NessAlla Kombucha

Giveaway ends on Thursday, March 9th, 2017. Winner is chosen randomly on Facebook and will be contacted via either Facebook or email. Don’t do Facebook? No worries! Leave us a comment below with your email and we’ll get you entered! Good luck, everyone!


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