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It was another beautiful warm weather Saturday. The girls (and the chirpy birds outside) got us up early but that was okay. We had a whole day to play! After a quick run, we went to the Farmers Market. From there, we baked in the sun at the pool, went for a bike ride and ate popsicles after the girls’ dinner. The ladies were ready for an early bedtime, so by 7 pm the hubs and I were looking at each other with a whole night ahead of us before we were ready to crash.

Sounds like it’s time for an at-home date night!

Warm weather date night ideas

As a reminder, these date nights require minimal prep work that can be done during nap time and just a few dishes that can be put off until morning.

For this easy meal to be enjoyed outside, I picked up a pound cake, fresh strawberries, Purple Door ice cream, fresh bread, and the ingredients for this steak salad. I had a bottle of rosé in the fridge because summer, amiright?

At naptime, I washed the produce and made the salad dressing and spice blend for the salad. I cut half of the loaf into cubes to make croutons and sliced the other half for garlic bread (and French toast in the morning.)

Once the girls went to sleep, I assigned Randy to the steak and I assembled the rest of the salad. I turned on some music and we enjoyed our drinks on the patio while the steak rested.

Strawberries with Grilled Pound Cake

Photo Credit to Tall Guy and A Grill

Easy conversation over dinner flows right into dessert. You could easily just scoop out ice cream and strawberries over the pound cake, but I love this idea from local caterer,  Tall Guy and a Grill – grill your cake first. It adds just a touch of caramelization that makes you feel like you are in the presence of a fancy pastry chef.

With dinner complete, there was time for hanging out around the fire pit as we looked at the stars and contemplated life.

Man, is there anything better?

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