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My life doesn’t suck. My husband is good at being a dad, husband, and a Professor at Marquette University. Meanwhile, I have a not-so-sucky job of my own. I’m a copywriter and Associate Creative Director at a Milwaukee ad agency (go ahead crack a few Mad Men jokes). My boss is great. He gives me the flexibility I need to succeed at this job as much as at my first job — Being a mom.

Together, my husband and I have two beautiful daughters. When it comes to the life I always thought I’d have, I can’t complain. Our kids have a warm place to sleep at night, good food on the table for every meal, and clean clothes on their backs, very often adorned with Anna, Elsa or a combo of both.  


But all this didn’t just happen by accident. I worked hard to graduate from college, then ad school, then entered judge-y first-time-mom-land followed by judge-y working mom-land. If you’ve opted to work full-time after having babies, you know what I mean by that.

Before I made the (very difficult) decision to go back to work full-time, I was a freelance writer. I thought it would be the “perfect” job and the best way to do two things that I love — be a mom and be a writer. What I ended up being was a basket case, working at night—so I could watch my kids during the day—and on weekends. 

So I did what I had dreaded since having babies. I went back to work. And as much as I love my job, it’s still a job—writing what other people tell me to. So I recently decided to remedy that. I started my own endeavor that I’d been dreaming about for quite some time. I started a blog — just for me.

All of these decisions were difficult ones to make, but they were mine to make. Yet, when I went back to work, there were those who found it necessary to rain on my parade. The worst part is that hearing other people second-guess me, often led to my own second-guessing. Should I really do this? Do I have time? What about my kids?

Let me just say: I hate that. Why should our culture breed such negativity and criticism? And why should any woman feel guilty about her life choices, especially those that give her the opportunity to do the things that she enjoys?

I’ve since tuned out the naysayers, including the ones in my own head. Because this is what I’ve found—I’m not just a wife. I’m not just a mom. I’m not just a writer. I’m not just a blogger. I’m not just a DIY’er.

I’m all those things. I work hard for those things. I went to school for those things. I went into multiple days of labor for those things. And I will not, regardless of what anyone tells me, quit those things.

They make me happy, and they certainly make me a better mom and person. And I wish the same for all of you.

Do what you love. Do it all. And don’t look back.

About the Author

morgan4Morgan is a full-time writer & associate creative director for a downtown Milwaukee ad agency. And full-time mom & wife for an uptown home. (How’s that for a job title?) She began her love affair with writing at UW Oshkosh, but honed her craft at Miami Ad School. She’s worked everywhere from traditional Mad Men-esque agencies to branding firms to digital shops. When she’s not writing for her clients, she’s writing, DIY-ing and doing lots of other -ing things for her design blog: The rest of her free time is spent eating, sleeping, traveling, running, practicing yoga and attempting NOT to instill in her toddlers the colorful vocabulary that she has.

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  1. Diane July 1, 2016 at 7:04 am #

    After five years of being a stay at home mom, I just went back to work. I got my old job back, which I loved. They called me. The time was right. My husband has been super supportive. My friends have been amazingly supportive. Especially one friend who was secretly struggle with the difficult decision to quit her own job to stay home. She was my second biggest cheerleader. She was my rock. This past week we have spent hours working through her struggle. Quitting your job is hard. Going back is hard. But every one and every family must make that decision for themselves. We don’t know anyone’s circumstances.
    The only people who were semi-non-supportive were my husbands parents who indirectly made comments about the kids.
    Ladies, let’s support one another and not make life harder than it need to be.

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