Am I a Momster? {Guest Post}

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A couple of weeks ago my two-year-old daughter Maven was being her super-cute self and playing “monster.”She would make the sweetest, strangest, scariest face with her head tilted and eyes enlarged, stick out her hands, wiggle her little fingers and say “The monster is going to get you. Rawr!” Giggles upon giggles upon giggles each time and she would repeat it over and over and over again. I loved it. We loved it. I even noted to myself, this is one of those times I want to remember forever. I wasn’t sure where she had heard of or seen any monsters, so I relished in a proud mommy moment, smiling to myself and thinking that her imagination was running wild.

And after a few days of this endearing little game, I got to thinking some more. If she has never seen a monster in a book (that I know of) and we’ve never talked about them, how did she learn this? What is this monster she is mimicking?

It was in a moment when I totally lost my cool that I truly had to check myself to determine if in fact I was the monster she was basing her character on. Oh boy, could it be ME? Am I a MOM-STER?? Does she think am I “going to get her?”

She was throwing a massive tantrum, making her demands known to the world, not listening nor responding to any of my rational attempts at calming her. Enter: The Momster. I raised my voice at her. If I’m being totally honest, I yelled a bit. I can’t recall exact words because I was in my heightened state of Momster, but I probably told her something to the effect that I had had enough and she had better stop immediately OR ELSE, all the while giving her the same sweet-strange-scary face that she had when she was playing her imaginative game.


Without sounding too presumptuous, I think we all have these Momster moments. I’m not a picture of perfect when it comes to being a mom. I’ve done good things, I’ve done bad things, and I’ve read and solicited every piece of advice when it comes to other things. I’m talking good discipline, bad discipline and what-the-heck-am-I-supposed-to-be-doing-discipline. I give it my very best though and try to stay as calm, patient, strong and consistent as possible. Nevertheless, I’m human and fall short of resembling the model mom. I hold on to the reassuring fact that both of my daughters are growing, developing, thriving and are just so darn loving. To see that comforts me. They love me dearly and I love them even more.

So, maybe I’m a Momster. Sometimes. But let me tell you, my intent is to be the most loveable, approachable, kind-hearted, gracious and cool Momster that there ever was.



About the Author

lisab2Lisa B is a Milwaukee native who currently lives in Pewaukee with her husband Mark, daughters Maven and Sylvie, and a blonde Goldendoodle pup. She’s madly in love with her family and is passionate about living a healthy life. Lisa loves running, thinking she’s a yogi, staying organized, traveling, cooking, writing, going out for margaritas and spending quality times with friends and family. She’s on a mission to inspire happy, healthy, hospitable lives. You can find her blogging over at In Wild Hearts about motherhood, health, hospitality and style.

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