Living with Leaks No Longer {PeriCoach GIVEAWAY}

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Several weeks ago, my secret was exposed….I am a pants-peeing mama. 

As in, hard-sneezing, solid-coughing, don’t get me laughing or I will wet myself kind of peeing. And then there was the time where just washing the dishes made me wet my pants

Obviously, that’s embarrassing to admit in this forum but at some point, incontinence like this stops being funny and starts getting real frustrating. If nothing else, hopefully, my raising my hand and proclaiming that I’m part of this club will helps someone feel better that they aren’t alone. I’m sure many of us would be card-carrying members of the Peeing My Pants Club if we were being honest. In fact, 1 in 3 women would be in that club!

Rather than continue to just cross my legs into a pretzel every time I sneezed, I got the opportunity to try a new avenue of treatment for this issue — PeriCoach. Hearing about how this device works is pretty fascinating and I was very curious to give it a test drive!

I described it as “a training device, connected to an app……for your vagina.” After using it for 8 weeks, I can confidently report that it does EXACTLY that. 

I entered into this 8-week commitment of using the PeriCoach to exercise and track my fluid intake with a bit of skepticism. The concept of the program is simple — commit to 5 minutes a day at least 5 days a week to strengthen your pelvic floor. But would that really be enough to stop years of leaks?

When I started using PeriCoach, I was barely making it to the restroom. In fact, there were many times when I didn’t make it at all and it was not only incredibly embarrassing, but demoralizing as a mother. It’s just another way my body has changed since having babies, but it certainly wasn’t something I was prepared to deal with for the rest of my life.


I’m going to say up front that I did not use this device as often as I should have. Instead of 5 sessions a week, I averaged anywhere from 1-3 sessions a week. I want to be honest and upfront about that because results hinge on your consistency. I’m here to report that even with the struggle to remain consistent during the 8 weeks, I still noticed a change in bladder control! 

Thoughts on using the PeriCoach Device….because I know you’re wondering.

Setting up the device and starting the exercises felt very…. awkward. I’m pretty comfortable with down there but inserting this thing that looked like a weapon from Star Trek and seeing my control measured on my smartphone was a bit strange. 

The device is not painful. There’s a warm sensation but it’s not uncomfortable. If you struggle with lubrication, it’s suggested that you purchase a lubricant to help with insertion. I can definitely see why that’s recommended, so since we’re all friends here, I’m gonna go ahead and suggest you splurge for the KY. Once again, it’s not painful but it does take some getting used to. 

Mentally, it was strange for me to use the device while menstruating. It affected my exercise consistency because I had 3 cycles that were close to together (Thanks for nothing, birth control). The concept is the same and nothing changes with using the device, but it was too weird for me in combination with trying to manage all of that, you know? 

At one point, my smartphone died so I decided that it would be a good time to try out my tablet while I waited for my replacement phone. While the application was compatible, it seemed much easier and less cumbersome to use my smartphone.  

The Results…

Somewhere around week 6, I couldn’t remember the last time I leaked or felt the urge to run to the bathroom. I can stand at the sink doing dishes and the running water doesn’t even phase me. 

I am more aware of how often I’m  emptying my bladder. Prior to PeriCoach, my urges were stronger with less time to react. The urges became less alarming (GO RIGHT NOW!) and more of a gentle reminder (I need to go). Rather than having to bust into the house and run to the bathroom and scramble to get there in time, I was able to actually walk like a normal person. This was a huge win!

I’m a long-time sufferer of seasonal allergies, which is an understandable problem when it comes to poor bladder control. Prior to using PeriCoach, I dreaded a sneezing attack, especially if I was out running errands because there was absolutely no guarantee I could make it without peeing myself. Last week, I had a series of sneezing attacks with absolutely NO accidents. 


Tips for Committing to PeriCoach:

Try both positions during device setup to see what’s more comfortable for you. You have two position options for exercising. Not only it is helpful to pick the most comfortable, but pick the position that keeps exercising convenient. 

Find a place that is secluded….with a lock. I did the majority of my exercising first thing in the morning or last thing before bed but as a mom of littles, I hardly use the bathroom without being interrupted. Find a place in your home where you can literally lock yourself away for a few minutes without worrying about someone walking in on you. 

Get comfortable. Prior to beginning your exercise, make sure that you are comfortable. Empty your bladder, use pillows if laying, and take some deep breaths. It’s really important to be relaxed during your exercises to create a baseline for measuring your control.

Set an alarm on your phone. I cannot stress this tip enough. It’s easy to push off exercising to when it’s convenient but if you are anything like me, convenience is hard to come by. The app will send you reminders but they are really easy to swipe through and forget about. Find the time and set an alarm on your phone so that you don’t go days between your exercises. 

As I said previously, I struggled with staying consistent during the 8 weeks. Even though I see good results and I’m feeling more confident, I wonder where I’d be if I had been more consistent and stuck closer to exercising 5 days a week. I started a new 8-week commitment and I am eager to see my results.

Be okay with taking time to do something for YOU. Certainly, I can’t be the only mom who struggles with self-care. We spend our whole day working hard for others, but may of us are guilty of putting ourselves last every single day. This is one of those small things you can do to carve out time each day to invest in improving the quality of life you enjoy on the regular! 

I HANDS DOWN recommend this program to anyone struggling with incontinence. Even though it seems like a long commitment, it’s worth it! It is effective and convenient and easy to work into your daily life with big-time results.  

Learn more about PeriCoach and take the 8-Week Challange for yourself! 

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  1. Amy July 25, 2017 at 11:20 pm #

    I’ve had 3 children and can relate all too well to this post. I am embarrassed to speak to my doctor and thought it was just something I was supposed to deal with. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone. Maybe I’ll win the drawing and give it a try for myself.

  2. Anne July 26, 2017 at 8:42 am #

    I think I might need to give this a try.

  3. Meghan July 26, 2017 at 2:45 pm #

    This would be extremely helpful to me, certainly struggling with this!

  4. Mharajoy July 27, 2017 at 12:34 pm #

    I would like to give this a try

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