When Mommy Needs to Lose Weight

I’m sure this title is going to spark some anger, but hear me out.

Sometimes, a person needs to lose weight. Not for vanity’s sake, or because society tells them they need to look/act/be a certain way, but because they are unhealthy.

I am one of those people.

lose weight

After my daughter was born, I kind of lost my mind. To get myself back, I needed a lot of therapy and psychiatric medication. I do not regret this. But in the year it took me to get mentally healthy, I gained 25 pounds on top of the “I just had a baby” weight.

I pushed myself past “overweight” and at 190 pounds, I was officially obese.

That’s hard to admit. I was obese.

Obesity comes with a lot of issues.  Some of these issues are vain.  (I’ve sized out of J. Crew. That was tough to realize.) Some of those issues are social. (Like the moms shopping night to benefit my daughter’s preschool at a store that doesn’t carry my size.)

Many of obesity’s issues, however, are health-related.

Those are the issues I’m most concerned about.

High Cholesterol. Diabetes. Heart Disease. Added stress on joints. The list goes on. Moderate Obesity can shorten your life by about 3 years. Severe Obesity? TEN. That’s right, my children might miss out on an entire decade with me.  

Something has got to change.

I am all for loving ourselves as we are, but if the way I am will actually shorten and affect the quality of my life with my family, I have the right to change that without apologies. That’s not being vain, or selfish. That’s loving myself enough to want better.

So, if a mama friend of yours confides that she needs to lose weight, support her in that. She needs all the encouragement she can get. And frankly, so could I. 


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  1. Jen W July 25, 2017 at 9:36 pm #

    You go mama! You can do it! Being healthy and fit is important for your insides and outsides. There’s lots of moms on this road (raises hand), and we should all cheer each other on whether you Zumba, follow weight watchers, run or whatever. Good luck!

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