15 Must See Christmas Movies

We all know it gets stupid cold in Milwaukee in the winter and what better to do than cozy up on the couch and watch a Christmas movie? In our house once Thanksgiving has passed, my kids and I are all about Christmas movies. If you haven’t seen some of these, you’re seriously missing out. A few of these movies are definitely for us grown ups, once the kids are in bed.

Without further ado… the MKE Moms Blog’s choices for 15 Must See Christmas Movies!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation –  “I never thought someone could capture the true meaning of Christmas more perfectly. “I did it!” was once my dad’s favorite line in a movie. Now it’s mine.” – Maggie

Elf – “It isn’t Christmas without Buddy the Elf to make the whole family laugh! Plus, everyone knows “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” The kids are appreciating new levels of humor as they grow & I could watch the movie every day! So. Good.” – Jillian

The Muppet Christmas Carol – “I LOVE the Muppet Christmas Carol! You can’t go wrong with Michael Cane as Scrooge and Kermit as Bob Cratchit. Plus the songs are catchy and heartwarming. The amount of detail that went into the movie is also pretty impressive given most of the actors are Muppets and locations are just studio backdrops. My whole family watches it every year- it’s perfect to span the generations. Also, who doesn’t have a soft spot for the Ghost of Christmas Present?!” – Jaclynn

A Charlie Brown Christmas –  “Mostly because I like to try to do all the different dances of the peanuts characters during “Linus & Lucy”, but really because I feel like it’s the perfect blend of Christmas sentimentality and humor. I really don’t feel like it’s Christmas until I watch it.” – Heather

Santa Claus: The Movie “So many people say they haven’t seen it. To me it portrays the perfect idea of Santa (and no, it’s not the Tim Allen movies!). There are some great lessons about how to treat others, sentiment, laughs and everything needed for a great Christmas movie. It’s been my favorite since I was a little kid!” – Alyson

 A Christmas Story – ” To me, it embodies the emotions and hopes of being a child at Christmas. I love how it nostalgically pokes fun at yet honors those feelings. Plus the characters are unapologetically dysfunctional, yet loving. I always see a little bit of my own family and childhood friends in them.” – Meg

White Christmas – “White Christmas because Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.
Also… it’s the first movie I watch EVERY year!” –

Four Christmases “It just captures alllll the dysfunctional family dynamics out there.” – Karri

Love Actually – ” I also seriously love “Love, Actually” at Christmas time. It’s our “snuggle on the couch” Christmas movie.” – Heather

The Holiday – “The Holiday is riiiiiiiight up there on my list because Kate Winslet is a queen, Jack Black is hilarious, and Jude Law IS actually the sexiest man on earth (sorry Blake)!” – Lauren

While You Were Sleeping – “I watch it every year and usually about 5 times. I know every single line and the scene with the Gallaghers at dinner makes me laugh so hard” – Kristen

Hallmark Christmas Movies – “My husband lives for the Hallmark Movie Channel. And we don’t have cable. The poor guy has been suffering. It’s been a while since I’ve came home to him sniffling on the couch because of a movie.” – Dolores

The Year Without A Santa Claus ” I love it because I watched it every year as a kid, I don’t think the classic stop-motion ever loses its magic, and I love the story between the Miser Brothers and their songs. Santa feeling sorry for himself and thinking no one believes in him or cares can melt the hardest of grinch hearts.” – Shauna

Home Alone – “Such a great combo of laughs, family and mischief! My kids adore this movie and my son would watch it year round if he could.” – Alyson

It’s a Wonderful Life – “My favorite is absolutely “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I love it for the moments of human fragility and darkness. George Bailey has so many things go wrong where suddenly life looks bleak and he questions his worth and value, which I can identify with so much. It’s only when he has seen the impact that his life has had on others that he understands how valuable he truly is to the world and when his brother toasts him as “the richest man in town,” I burst into tears every. single. time. Plus, there’s Mary who is basically the epitome of the perfect wife. She has four babies, serves in the USO and renovates an entire house all while making sure dinner is perfect every day, her hair is on point, and maintaining a 20-inch waistline.” – Sarah

Such a great list of movies that will get you into the holiday spirit and help create memories for years to come!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

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