Tips and Tools of a Busy Mom

Tips and Tools of a Busy Mom

I am a busy mom. 

The mom job description evidently always starts with “ability to multi-task required.” There is not a mom on the planet who doesn’t feel overwhelmed and overworked, regardless of the number of kids you have or whether you work in or out of the home.  I should know — I have two jobs, I volunteer, I’m involved in community activities. I’m pretty much juggling 24/7 — overwhelmed and overworked is my M.O.  

As a busy mom I’m constantly looking for a while to organize my life because my life is not a pretty picture of mom perfection. If there is an easy way to deal with raising kids and caring for our home I find it; if I can avoid drama, I avoid it. I can say with absolute certainty that I never, ever post my parenting accomplishments on Pinterest.  

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood, the tedium of parenting, and the absolute craziness of balancing life, here are my top five tips that make my life easier and infinitely more bearable.

  1. Amazon

Can I just say Lifesaver? I can order a Halloween costume at 10 am and receive it at 3 pm, which I’m still convinced must be some sort of magic. Truly, Amazon is the key to survival for this busy and overwhelmed mom. For a small annual fee I can set up reoccurring shopping lists and be confident that my family actually has shampoo and toilet paper. The added benefit of Amazon music, video streaming and free eBooks makes the annual membership an incredible value.

  1. The Nanny

At least two times a week we have a nanny come help us. Having a nanny brings a little bit of sanity into a day that can start at 5:30 am and end at 11:30 pm. Our lovely nanny often cleans house, does laundry and runs errands all in between being fun and engaging with our kids. I feel confident that if I let my kid spend a day watching cartoons so I can work they will be ok. Why? Because the nanny will undo the cartoon zombie damage with park time and outdoor play. Even if you don’t need regular child care I highly recommend having back-up on speed dial. Sometimes you just need to leave the house without kids and it sure helps if your back-up is willing to do dishes.12341334_10153815080588792_1110795763308406339_n

  1. Costco

It took me a while to get on the Costco bandwagon. Amazon already delivered big package items, so what could Costco possibly add to my life? What Costco can provide you with is time because your visits to the grocery store are cut in half. When you buy a 12-box pack of macaroni and cheese you can guarantee that you have food your children will eat for at least a few days. They have plenty of healthy options too; as we speak my freezer is full of at least two weeks’ worth of easy healthy meal options that can be thrown together in minutes.  

  1. Auto Bill Pay

Ok, you probably already do this, but could you save more time?  For years I sat at my computer and set up auto payments from my bank to various recipients. It stressed me out and had me constantly checking my account to make sure everything got paid timely and my account balanced. Now I’ve perfected my lazy bill system by having everything debited to my credit card, and by everything, I mean everything. At this point, other than the mortgage and gas bill, all bills go on our credit card.  No longer do I spend hours reviewing bills and confirming payments.  Instead I can quickly reference our credit card bill for accuracy and make one large payment. Added bonus is that we will have the air flights for our family vacation covered by points. Other option? Designate your partner to do the job.

  1. Family Calendar

Well, this may be the one thing I can claim that actually makes me a well-organized mom. This is an absolute must in my busy mom arsenal because it shows me how freaking busy our lives actually are and reduces my anxiety of missing appointments and events. Even more importantly by sharing this calendar with my husband he can see how busy I am and will jump in and provide an assist whether I ask or not. Added bonus is that you can block out couch family time to prevent yourself from inadvertently over-committing yourself. Just remember, you actually have to add things to the calendar to make this work, otherwise you (I) will still miss the school field trip.

Obviously none of this is rocket science, I’m not telling you anything you likely didn’t already know, we all have our tricks of the trade and ways to balance all of our responsibilities. Or, if you are like me you may have put off trying out time saving and organizational hacks, because well, maybe you are just too busy? No judgments here, nobody has time for that.


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  1. Bree January 13, 2017 at 8:51 pm #

    Shared shopping lists! We have the Amazon Echo, so we can just tell it to add an item to the list when we run out. I’m pretty sure there are apps you can share with your partner, so when they stop to get milk after work, they know to pick up bananas and toothpaste, too!

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