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What is Love MKE?

From the very first day our inaugural team met together, it was made clear that the mission of MKE Moms Blog was simple. 

Our mission is to connect the moms of Milwaukee both online and in real life and to love on our city by loving on its people.

LoveMKE is an initiative of MKE Moms Blog (and hopefully a whole lot of other organizations and more) to love on our city. It might be through small things like the #LoveTrainMKE movement where moms all over the Milwaukee area give selflessly and randomly. It might also be through a service event where we all get together to help build a house, resource a women’s shelter or do what we can to fight sex trafficking. It might be through a photo series that shows the beautiful diversity of motherhood in this city. It might be through an interview with a local mom who shares her extraordinary story. 

Love takes many forms and is expressed in many ways. We believe that here. 

We also believe moms are powerful. 

We invite the moms of our communities to join us as we address the social justice issue of Milwaukee and empower moms to become influencers of change in our community. We invite you to join us in loving on our city by loving on its people, in small ways and maybe in ways that make you a little uncomfortable.

Our goal is to build a community to reach a community. Will you join us?


  • Encourage our Milwaukee moms to be an encouraging and uplifting force to those around them, in everyday situations.
  • To get our hands dirty
  • Raise awareness for the tough social issues that affect the Milwaukee area
  • Inspire authentic conversation about these topics
  • Encourage mothers to take ownership and commit to being part of the solution
  • Mobilize our community to take action and make a difference
  • Provide resources, support and encouragement for area moms

These are lofty goals. But, like everything else at MKE Moms Blog, we need a team. We need community. 

Do you want to be a part of LoveMKE? Let us know! Fill out the form below to get in touch with us. 

Check out the list of our current LoveMKE projects to see how you can get involved right now! 

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