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You all know the first-day-of-class drill, right? The dreaded icebreaker. The stand-up-and-tell-us-something-interesting-about-you game. Not a fan, personally. There’s not a whole lot that’s interesting about me that can also be shared with a room of strangers. Also, I’m not great at talking about myself. When someone gives me a compliment, I unfailingly have to neutralize it by telling them an embarrassing secret.

So if you write a nice comment on this post, I’ll probably comment back with details about my last dental cleaning or something. You’ve been warned.

But I don’t feel that way about introducing myself here because honestly, I am so happy and honored to be writing for MKE Moms Blog.

Motherhood is something I am finally, finally really psyched to talk to people about. 

I’m Colleen, and I’m the stay-at-home/work-from-home mother of a little girl who just turned one. I’m a freelance writer specializing in local news. I love learning new things every day about southeastern Wisconsin, this most wonderful corner of the world in which we live.

Since giving birth to my daughter last summer, I’ve been yearning for a forum in which to discuss what has become my vocation and my passion — being a mother. Motherhood is a part of everything I do now, and of course, it’s in every word I write. So I’m so excited for an outlet that celebrates my two favorite things — Milwaukee and motherhood (the alliteration of it all just makes my heart sing).

My husband Matt and I have been married four years and we live in Ozaukee, where I grew up. I know, I know. It’s not technically Milwaukee. But we still have the stadium tax, so that’s something, right? I love everything about where we live, and a big part of it is because the city and everything it has to offer is just a few minutes down the road.

I want to blog about motherhood because it’s something that helped me tremendously through my first year with my daughter. Sometime after her birth, in that lost first month, now a blur of donated meals and hormonal crying fits and nights that never seemed to end, I found my way to a post about moms of infants who don’t sleep well on their backs (represent, my sisters). I was stunned, absolutely bowled over, ready to cry with relief: someone else understands.

So I want to write for the mom who is awake at 2 a.m. heating up a bottle or trying to nurse, desperate for something to hold her attention so she doesn’t fall asleep sitting up, or just desperate to be reminded that there is someone else in the world who knows what it’s like to be her at that moment.

We’re all just trying to figure this out.

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  1. Pam Moroder October 11, 2016 at 9:20 pm #

    Nice job Colleen, looking forward to more of your blog posts!

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