Meet Jaclynn

There are a lot of things about my present life that were not part of the plan. Growing up in various suburbs of Milwaukee, I had lots of plans. I even had plans to carry out my plans. I was going to go to UW-Madison for undergrad, then Marquette University for law school. I would find a great firm where I could practice law so I could support my single self and maybe (just maybe) I would get married. I was NOT having kids. Kids were terrifying little creatures that would cramp my social life and mess my clothes.  

Everything was going according to plan (woohoo!) until Dave.

As they say, love can do crazy things to you (and, in my case, my plans). After reuniting with Dave, I started to think about family. Dave is amazing with kids of all ages and his family is in no short supply of children. Seeing him with all of his nieces I started to get the itch.  

I wanted children with this man.

We tried to have a child for almost two years, during which time we overcame infertility issues.  Last March we were blessed to welcome our son.  While I loved practicing estate planning and elder law, my job taught me that life is short and time should be spent (when possible) living a life without regrets.  I had to follow my heart which told me to stay home and raise my son.  I would not get the time with him back and I did not want to end up wishing I had done things differently.  

I am very fortunate to be able to take a break from my profession to focus on my family.  During my transition from attorney to SAHM, the support I have received from family, friends and other moms was and continues to be invaluable.  I want to provide that support to other Milwaukee moms and look forward to sharing my learning experiences and days without regret with you!



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