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It’s Friday afternoon after a long hectic work week following a long week of travel away from home and the family. I worked from home Tuesday through Thursday, but today I had to go into the office because I had meetings that required office space instead of my recliner with Netflix streaming in the background. This morning, the boy child came downstairs with a grim look on his face. One that I expected because the night before he was convinced he would have to stay home from school sick. He was complaining of sharp pains in his belly and instead of asking if he was okay and checking for other symptoms I asked why he didn’t want to go to school today. He insisted that wasn’t it, that he was really feeling sick. I suggested that he eat something and take a shower, and left the house in a frenzy, forgetting to put dinner in the crockpot… again.

Fast forward a couple of hours, I wrap up the second call of the day and the dreaded text comes. “Trevor puked in my car on the way to school.” I immediately had visions of a weekend full of barf and diarrhea as I have heard the horror stories of this bug moving through families like wildfire this week. My response was not, “Oh no, I hope he’s okay.” Or “I’ll come right home.” It was “Crap! I can’t get sick this weekend.” You see, Saturday is girls night with my bestie and Sunday I have to fly to Mississippi. Some compassionate mom I am, huh?

Such is my life these days. I am the working mother of two beautiful children. Caryn is 11 and Trevor is 9. These kiddos are my life and of course, I felt sorry and horribly guilty that I couldn’t clear my schedule to come home and take care of my little. I’ve been married to Kenny aka “Daddy hero of the day,” for 14 years. These days I’m not sure he likes me much for a few reasons. 1) Since January I’ve traveled for work more than I have in the past several years. 2) He works third shift, so we don’t see much of each other. 3) He’s just as tired if not more so than I am. And to think I thought sleepless nights and exhaustion would be over when my kids were out of diapers. Such dreams! I am grateful though, for this family of mine, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Photo Credit- Nice Strangers at Racine Beach

We moved to Brookfield in 2014 after nine years of pretending to be southerners in Alabama. I’ve lived in Illinois, Ohio and Alabama and I have to say Wisconsin has been the place I finally feel at home. I work as a sales manager leading a team of sellers that cover most of the state of Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Since we’ve lived here, I haven’t had much time to do more than work and mom. This year, we are anxious to get out into the community, meet new people and focus on truly making this home. I’m not planning on going anywhere else!

In my free time when I’m not working you can find me blowing off steam at the West Suburban YMCA. My kids swim while I work my terribly uncoordinated self out in various forms of torture. I have been on a lifelong fitness journey to become healthier physically and it doesn’t hurt my mental state much either. I also like to read, talk, write, laugh, listen, sleep and explore fun new places. In fact, that’s how I came across MKE Moms Blog. Last year I saw the Ultimate Summer Bucket List rolling through my Facebook feed. It became the guide for our family activities last year, and I discovered all the awesome that this community has to offer. After reading through several of the posts, I knew I wanted in; a chance to share my experiences in hopes of helping other moms, to learn from this amazing group of women, and to become a part of a community of local mom’s; something I have longed for since becoming one myself over 11 years ago.  I am so excited for the opportunity to be a new contributor here and can’t wait to start sharing my momventures with the Milwaukee community.

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