Milwaukee County Winter Farmers’ Market Review

A few weeks ago, my daughter, my mom, and I headed to the Milwaukee Domes for the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers’ Market. We had gone last year when the market was in the lobby of the Domes, but this year, with the new addition, the market moved to the back of the building into a bigger area. 

The change in the venue is bittersweet for because the Domes are no longer free to get into during market hours (like they were last year), but, the market is a lot more spread out and relaxing in the new space. 

Here’s a secret: The Milwaukee Winters Farmers’ Market doesn’t need to be inside the Domes to be family friendly and a great way to spend Saturday morning. 

Farmer's Market

Milwaukee County Winter Farmers’ Market, Quick Facts:

When: Saturday mornings 9am-12:30pm // November 7th through April 9th
Vendors: Clock Shadow Creamery // Ela Orchard // Nature’s Niche Farm // Olano’s Empanadas //See a full list of producers here
Products: Apples // Oats // Lamb Meat // Homemade Soaps // See a full list of products here

Market Review

Farmers' Market Review

The market is inside but due to all the windows, it’s bright and cheery. When we walked in, it was a melting pot of people; young, old, first timers, families, from all backgrounds and places. It made my heart happy to see all the people, the strangers, getting to know each other over a common good like fresh cheese or waffles. 

Farmers Market Review

We grabbed breakfast at a pop-up waffle shop. The options made, and still make, my mouth water. Nutella, whip cream and sprinkles, and honey goat cheese and bacon, were the three kinds we tried. Make sure you stop then when you head to the market. Along with Press., there are other local bakeries that smelled wonderful for breakfast options. 

Farmer's Market Review

And then we ran across this cozy corner. Where Grandma Suzi read Teddy Bear’s Picnic while the children got to sit and listen with a bear of their own. How. Cute. 

Farmer's Market Review

We got goodies for making oatmeal and homemade bread. 

Farmer's Market Review

My final thoughts are this:

  • The only downside is that the parking spots are narrow, but fortunately the parking lot is big. 
  • Take your time when at the market. Even if the kids want to speed race, do a few laps, see what the vendors have to offer, you won’t be disappointed. 
  • If you aren’t doing anything on Saturday mornings between 9 am and 12:30 pm, I recommend the Milwaukee Farmer’s Market at the Domes. I might see you there!

For more information on the Milwaukee County Winter Farmer’s Market, check out the website

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