10 Things I Love About Being the Mom of a Toddler

 1. Hearing my son speak in a full sentence for the very first time

This is AMAZING! It seems so very random, but it just shows how closely kids watch and listen to everything around them.

2. Dancing to the coffeemaker.

Oh, how I wish I could find the music surrounding me as easily as he does. We’ve been doing this since his pre-walking days and I hope it doesn’t end anytime soon.

3. Watching him fall in love with something you didn’t introduce to him.

My kid loves music, but I totally encouraged that. My husband tried sharing his love of basketball with him, but somehow he became obsessed with baseball over the summer. We didn’t do anything to push him toward it and it is just so cool to see him find his own interests. And he’s really cute in a baseball cap.

4. Singing with him.

I’m a music teacher. There is almost nothing better than sharing music with my son. Enough said.

5. Knowing he’s developing a heart for others.

It’s not much yet. He’s only two after all. But if he hears someone say “ouch,” he makes sure to ask them “what happened?” and the look of concern on his face is adorable.

6. Seeing him use his imagination.

I love watching him build his own little world with his trains and run the bases after hitting a home-run on the field of our living room. The kid sure knows how to play.

7. Discovering his personality.

Around people he knows and loves, he is wild and goofy. In new situations, he is much more cautious. I love to see his personality traits develop and see him grow into a real little person.

8. The way he memorizes things after he’s heard them so many times.

It’s so cool to see how repetition makes information stick in our brains. Plus, it’s nice when he reads himself his own bedtime stories. 🙂

9. Teaching him.

From letters and numbers to “please” and “thank you” to saying his prayers at night, it’s such an amazing privilege to teach my child. This is one of the greatest blessings of motherhood.

10. Smooches.

Right before bed, we cover our heads with a blanket, which he calls “going into the tunnel,” and give bedtime hugs and kisses. It’s the best part of my day.

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