Back to School Makeup :: Gettin’ Your Face On in 5 Minutes Flat

Back to School Makeup

School is right around the corner and that means — routine, routine, routine. No matter how much of a routine we have, it still feels like we’re off to the races when the alarm goes off. Am I the only mom who sometimes drops off my kid in something that could pass for pajamas?

My girlfriends know that I love a little makeup and if you remember, red lipstick is my thing. But I can assure you that I don’t show up to school drop off wearing a bold lipstick (most days). Makeup doesn’t have to be a long process, you’d be surprised what 5-minutes will do for you. For me, I feel ready for the day and tend to be more productive. Putting on clothes (even clean pajamas) and a little lip gloss and mascara tells my brain that it’s time work.

In prepping for your school routine, why not add a few minutes in for a quick face? No clue where to start? I got ya’ covered. 

Prime yo’ face. A year ago, I didn’t even know that primer was a thing. When I was finally introduced to it, it seemed pointless and just a waste of money but I’ve since found that primer is something that you shouldn’t skip. It not only fills pores and fine lines giving you a smooth surface but it keeps your makeup lasting all day. Less touchups means less product used and less time reapplying! If you are going to spend any time putting makeup on, it better last! Primer works better when it sets for a few minutes so put it on right after you wash and moisturize your face. 

Quick Foundation. You’ll want a basic, easy-to-apply foundation that will even out your skin without any extra steps. For my oily ladies, grab a good pressed powder or loose foundation. Apply in a circular motion with a powder brush for a light and even coverage.

For those of you with dry skin, pick up BB cream and mix it with a little liquid concealer that’s the same shade as your foundation. BB cream is tinted moisturizer and gives great hydration and a dewy glow. Mix it together in your hands and rub it on and you’re ready to go. Applying even a little foundation will make you appear less tired. 

5 minute face

Brows. Don’t skip the brows. Do NOT skip the brows because they frame and complete your face. I personally like to comb mine in ONE direction because they never sit that way naturally. Then I’ll fill in the sparse areas using a liner brush and a warm brown that’s close to my brow color using my favorite eyeshadow palette. There tons of products on the market but I recommend a brow pencil or using a palette — both are easy to use and great additions to a makeup bag.

Mascara is life. If you don’t wear anything else, wear mascara! And a good one at that! Find your favorite and apply two coats to give your lashes some extra length. A good tip is to skip the eyeshadow all together and just apply mascara. It makes your lashes appear longer and makes your eyes open up more! If you are pushed for time, foundation and mascara will take you a loooooong way. 

Neutral or nude lippy. Throwing on a pretty gloss or lipstick will do wonders. It adds a little extra color and brightness to your face. If you have some extra time, line your lips and fill them in with a matching liner and then apply the lippy. Liner makes your lip product last longer and makes your lips more full. 

Give yourself a couple of test runs because the more you practice your 5-minute face, the faster it will be.

Believe me when I say that you don’t need makeup to be beautiful, Mama. There’s just something about routine to your morning and adding a little coffee and mascara in too. 

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