On the Eve of Your First Birthday

I’m not even sure how we got here, but we did.

It feels like just yesterday that I delivered my portly guy, weighing in at 9lbs 7oz of pure joy.  Your peaceful labor was only matched by your loving personality.  You came home to chaos and rose to the occasion.  Upon walking in the door, your brother questioned your presence.  He spent the first few months trying to convince us to return to sender, but ever-so-slowly he realized just how amazing you are–something we knew all along.  In just one short year you have become his playmate, wrestling opponent and partner in crime all day, every day.  Your battles are big but the sweet moments are even bigger.  I will forever cherish the exact moment you see your brother upon waking, the look of pure joy in both of your eyes.  I will always love the way you follow your brother around, driving him insane until the moment you turn around, when he begs you to follow him once again. As you grow, my first wish for you is that you continue to walk through life with your brother, hand in hand.  

This first year–while amazing–hasn’t always been easy.  The nights (and sometimes days) have been long.  The feelings have been big.  Looking back, however, I wouldn’t change a thing.  You amaze me with your quiet inquisitiveness.  You are determined to solve any puzzle life provides.  You are fearless, barreling into new challenges headfirst (sometimes quite literally).  I know that you will not always come to me for every bump or bruise, reaching up requesting snuggles.  You will continue to grow, finding your own path just as you have.  In moments of stress, when the tears flow and the voices shriek, I will try my best to be your rock, your safe place.  My second wish for you is that you keep fearlessly embracing life challenges, while knowing that I will always be there if life doesn’t work out as you had planned, arms open wide.     

You are our last baby, the final piece to our family puzzle.  What your brother started, you have finished.  While many moms find sadness in this, I find only joy.  The first babbles, first words, first steps… it only gets better every day.

It’s easy to follow the routine of motherhood, losing sight of the small moments.  I love the way you find joy in the simplest things from a nice firm blueberry, to a good round of Wheels on the Bus, or a tickle attack from your brother. You are happy little guy, finding a joy in just about everything.   Your giggle is infectious.  You are one easy laugh, something I hope you never lose. You serve as my reminder to slow down, take a breath, and embrace the day. My third wish for you is that you continue to approach life with a smile, celebrating life’s every moment, because whether good or bad, every moment is just that: a simple moment.

These are my three wishes for you as you continue to grow and flourish.  This first year has been quite the adventure. 

Congrats, sweet boy. We made it!





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