Meet Alexa

Meet Alexa

Photo Credit :: Jill Marzion Photography

girl on motorcycleYou could say I’m an adrenaline junkie. For my 25th birthday I learned how to drive a motorcycle and got my motorcycle license, I went sky diving, and got my conceal carry permit.

I enjoy working out with my husband in our home gym and am working on getting better about eating healthier. Yoga, meditation, and running are things I would love to fit into my daily schedule. 

I love browsing Pinterest and craft days with my girlfriends. I am a sucker for a good deal and can spent hours at Target digging through the clearance looking for my next big find. 

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Photo Credit :: Jill Marzion Photography

If you ask my husband and I how we met you will always get 2 different answers.

He insists that we met at UW-Waukesha while we were both attending classes, and I am adamant we met at the Target in Delafield, where we both worked. After I realized that Nate was not a creeper, (he always stopped me to talk as I walked between buildings to get to my dreaded math class, I sometimes would walk out of my way to avoid him…sorry Nate!) we became best friends.

The next year or so was spent discussing our crazy relationships, bowling, going out for dinner, and obsessing over The O.C. Once we realized the relationships we were in weren’t going anywhere we gave dating each other a chance and never looked back. 4 years later we were married. 

When I started college, I didn’t really have an idea of a career I wanted. All I knew was that I wanted to find something where I could help others. I received an associates degree from UW-Waukesha and then stepped away from my studies for a bit and started working full-time. With only about 30 credits to go, I resumed classes at UW-Milwaukee in the beginning of 2015, to earn a bachelor’s degree in sociology.

A few months later I was pregnant. I fought through morning sickness that plagued my first trimester as I commuted back and forth from our apartment in Oak Creek to UWM. I was terrified of getting sick on the bus, which I believe made my nausea worse, but thankfully it never happened.

With a lot of preparation and planning I was able to get all my coursework done before I went into labor, but just barely!

After waking up at 2am with contractions, I emailed my professor my final paper, spent almost 2 hours fighting through contractions at Woodman’s, grocery shopping, and then I watched the pilot for “How to Get Away with Murder” on Netflix, before calling the doctor.

babyI got to the hospital by 12:30pm and we welcomed our son Henlee into our family at 5:00pm that day, December 15, 2015. 

I knew that becoming a mom would be a life changing event, but I had no idea how difficult it would be until our son was born.

Thankfully, I had a great group of friends to fall back on during those lonely 2am feedings, the difficulties with breastfeeding, and overall lack of sleep as a new mom. I hope to be able to provide that voice to another mom. To be that friend they can turn to at 2am when they may be frustrated, alone, or in need of some encouragement. 

I am thrilled to be working with MKE Moms Blog to help bring together the moms in our community. We are stronger together than apart.

Photo Credit :: Jill Marzion Photography

Photo Credit :: Jill Marzion Photography

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

– Rudyard Kippling



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